Candlestick Charting 

What Is Candlestick Chart? Basics Of Technical Analysis Candlestick Explained By CA Rachana Ranade


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Discover what is a #Candlestick chart, just how Japanese Candle holder is made use of to track the share price and what are the parts of the candlestick. In this video clip on Essentials of Technical Evaluation, CA Rachana discusses how to review the candlestick with instance.
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( Please note: This video is for educational function only, take the advice of your monetary advisor before making any type of financial investments).

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30 Thoughts to “What Is Candlestick Chart? Basics Of Technical Analysis Candlestick Explained By CA Rachana Ranade”

  1. Ravi Raj

    I love candle stick charts🥰

    But video could have been even better if you have talk in little more depth

    Who else do Comment

    1. shibaji dalai

      Yes I in depth 5-6 videos will be enough for basics

  2. Likhendra Asem

    Waiting for full course on Technical analysis…♥️

  3. Shivashankara Bhat

    Opening price, closing price, highest price, lowest price constitute a candle;

    red-bearish, green-bullish;

    doji, hammer & shooting star are special types

    Well explained!

    Looking forward for next video!

    1. எனது வி-யூகம் MY STRATEGY

      Candlestick pattern strategy completely loss strategy find accurate indicator

    2. Shivashankara Bhat

      @எனது வி-யூகம் MY STRATEGY pls suggest any others if u have

    3. எனது வி-யூகம் MY STRATEGY

      Wait bro i upload that video soon

  4. Ashwin Iyer

    Hi Madam,
    Can you make a brief lecture on Intraday trading and as usual 1 or 2 tips

    1. எனது வி-யூகம் MY STRATEGY

      You want profit in intrady its very simple just you find your indicator

  5. Sanjay Sahu

    But how do we recognize that when price will go up and down.. everything is ok in your whole video.. But I was looking at a point when u will say that….now this the candle when market/price will go up…

    1. எனது வி-யூகம் MY STRATEGY

      Indicator only indicate when price will go up and down. Candlestick not indicating….

  6. shaktiprada p

    When will you launch “technical analysis course” can’t wait for it Maam

  7. Vishnu das

    I would like to learn about , how we grasp the buying or selling signal using these charts.

  8. sandesh pole


  9. Veera Pratap Desu

    Tell us about Murphy’s Flower pot analysis which is most realible of all intra day techniques

  10. Varnit Garg

    Wanted to learn about White and Black Marubozu and dragonfly dono in candlestick pattern. Also Ichimoku chart pattern.

  11. Mitra Amarkumar

    Hi ma’am
    Would request you to take sessions on Trend reversals..most of us catch a falling knife and ends up in losses…Thanks in advance

  12. prasanna kumar

    Still more explanation is needed, however thank you Madam.

  13. Pandey Sahay

    Madam kindly give a talk on circuit filter. When does circuit filter start and end for a stock?

  14. Adwait Dhavalikar

    Ma’am could you show us how to do test managements vigilance.

  15. sundeep s

    loved it… made my day to see the topic and wonderful intro of the topic


    Can we say that ‘shooting star’ candle is ‘inverted hammer’

  17. FunInfo

    Why 93 dislikes? Is there any error in this lecture

  18. FunInfo

    I would like to start intraday with a small amount. Let me see your lectures helpful for that.


    How we should call if the shooting star like candle when it is in green

  20. prasanna kumar

    Ma’am, I am so glad to learn your youtube lectures. I want you to deliver one session about deep analysis of Technical analysis plzzzz ma’am.

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