Candlestick Charting 

Learn way to trade Spinning top candlestick patterns – candlestick patterns trading 2018


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See all video clips of the network to get a correct understanding
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29 Thoughts to “Learn way to trade Spinning top candlestick patterns – candlestick patterns trading 2018”

  1. sarath mp

    Hemraj bro I’m waiting eagerly to join u, pls take me in,😁

  2. Adel Portillo

    Tried studying this strategy, watched his videos and I learned to hit good trades. My account was shoved down to 2.34 dollars using numerous indicators before but have came to 20 dollars now in 2 days trading using this strategy. My wins are around 70% maybe I’ll get higher if I’ve been more patient to check previous supports and resistance.

    1. Adel Portillo

      P.S. sir how can I join your secret group?

  3. Gregory Calixte

    dont leave youtube bro you videos help me understand price action/ candle sticks

  4. Roselle Umali

    thank you for making it easier to understand and for unselfishly sharing your knowledge.

  5. Angela Mthethwa

    You are a born teacher. others confuse me but you make everything so clear. thanks again.

  6. dog man

    Man you are best of the best of the best!!! Hello guys if any one wants to learn about true knowledge behind trading just follow his lessons and practice more with the practice account and don’t try to win every trade just wait for the perfect point.

  7. RT Mason

    I appreciate your videos, along with your teaching style. Thank you.
    Question: Do you have your trades preset for exiting after X amount of pips? What are you targets? And how many (average) trades do you take per session?


      This is binary trading

    2. RT Mason

      The principals you demonstrated in the video can’t be used with Forex trading?

  8. jimmy ma

    you are my hero.

  9. Jabulani W. Mzizi

    Each and everyone of your videos are an eye opener, out of all the strategies I’ve seen non can match yours. I’m very grateful for the knowledge you’ve imparted and don’t stop helping people, God is watching and I’m sure that you’ll be greatly rewarded. One request, please add me into the secret group I have a live account


      Secret group is not working anymore

  10. Aste Novara

    You are a big man. Thanks from THE deep of the heart

  11. Mohammed Reeza Seedat

    Hemraj, how do I join secret group? I watch your videos and do my trades accordingly

  12. Jonathan Visto

    hello my friend can i ask for the link of your group that mentioned at this video? tnx in advance

  13. Omuda FX

    When a good time to trading? if there is a news an i trading with support and resistens?


    Sir we are waiting your New videos 2019

    1. Nsibambi Topi

      I’m still waiting too

    2. R.A.Prasath

      Am also waiting .. where he is Going 😓😓😓

    3. Bryan Steller

      Same here! Does anyone know where he is lost!!?

    4. Jean Fuscablo

      @Bryan Steller i think hes just around coz i read his comments in his video recently about 2-3 weeks ago. I hope he will make new videos

    5. ajith thomas

      I am also waiting

  15. Natural Fit

    LOVE your channel. Can you make a video on 3 or 4 bars play using limit order and how to buy and use stop loss? You explained everything SO WELL. I have watched many you-tubers but you made it all cleared. Cant wait whats next.

  16. l. prashanta

    I respect you very much. After I watched your all vedio I got lot of knowledge about snr. Thanks

  17. Jean Fuscablo

    sir thank you for this great vid. you are a blessing. Its 2019 now and i still got a chance to watch this. I hope you will make new video. I am a beginner and very much willing tolearn. So many money are wasted because of forex trading scam. I am one of those who invested with a promise of great return. I decided to learn it myself. thanks for this.From Philippines with love

  18. heri Santosa

    Great Vid!!! God Bless U brother.Thanks.with Love from Indonesia..cheerrss

  19. Beka Kubatov

    bro, we are waiting your New videos 2019, plz keep in touch!

  20. Dipolelo Music

    I have learned a lot from you Thank you, i’m trading on a different level looking forward to sharing the knowledge.

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