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Single Line Candlestick Patterns – Price Action Strategy | Part 4 (HINDI)


Solitary Line Candle holder Patterns is just one of the types of candlestick patterns. In this kind of candle holder pattern, the darkness or wick of the real body plays a really important unlike the first kind i.e. standard solitary line candlesticks where the body of the candle is critical.

There are 4 sorts of Single Line Candle Holder Patterns
1. Capturing Celebrity
2. Hanging Male
3. Hammer
4. Doji

In shooting star candlestick pattern, the body is small and the top darkness is two times or more times the real body. It is formed after uptrend and points to resistance degree & prospective turnaround. Usually, financiers shut their setting after shooting celebrity as it suggests that favorable energy is damaging.

The 2nd pattern is hanging guy candle holder pattern. In this pattern the genuine body is small as well as reduced shadow is two times the dimension of the real body. The final thought in this pattern is like shooting celebrity however it is extra bearish than firing celebrity.

The third pattern is hammer. It is observed during a drop and suggests the potential base of the stock. It is generally an eco-friendly candle light as well as represents deteriorating bearish energy.

Doji is a candle wherein open is equal to gather top as well as lower darkness. It symbolizes fad turnaround as well as Doji can be favorable or bearish depending upon the chart set up. There are 2 kinds i.e. long-legged as well as marker doji.

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