US Dollar Coin, Digital Tracking, Binance Price Drop, Market Confusion & XRP + MoneyGram


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40 Thoughts to “US Dollar Coin, Digital Tracking, Binance Price Drop, Market Confusion & XRP + MoneyGram”

  1. Ozark Sapper

    I have XRP, ETH, VET, ADA, and BTR (Bitrue coin). I buy weekly since the 2017 crash.

    1. Alex P

      Wtf, no BTC!?!

    2. Ozark Sapper

      O Bitcoiner nope, if I buy a tenth, and BTC goes up to 1,000,000 that will only net me one tenth of that. Essentially making the gains very slow and I don’t have time to wait. I’m not wasting time on small returns. BTC already made its huge impact, and I’ll never afford one whole BTC, so in my opinion it isn’t worth it.

    3. Ozark Sapper

      Alex P see other comment. ROI is as slow as it’s completion action.

    4. Unstoppable

      @Ozark Sapper I agree 100%

    5. O Bitcoiner

      Ok, I see what you mean. But Just to be secure, you know? I too want to have altcoins to pump my btc holdings in the next bull run.
      But I’m sure that, at least, I have X BTC in case things do go as expected to altcoins.
      As TMI said a bunch of time, try to have at least 0.28 to hold for the next 2 halvings (without the one in 2020) .
      Just my opinion.
      But know that I’m buying altcoins too (mostly eth and xrp)

  2. T Sharpe

    I purchase Satoshi on a weekly basis. Dollar Cost Averaging. Since I believe in digital currency and I missed BTC at the lower rates, I take advantage of the current price. If it drops lower, I accumulate whatever I can afford.

  3. Juris Krumins

    I LOVE BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, DGB, THETA, ADA, EOS, XLM, 0X, so I no longer have cash…

    1. A

      Juris Krumins NASH (NEX) is missing in that list ..

    2. Maxwell Winslow

      You are also missing nexo, great product, company makes money. Look into them and do some research.

    3. Max Cottle

      @A Wow that is a broad and risky portfolio. Too much to manage and too many risky coins in there. If it were me I would only look at the top 3 coins. Anything else is throwing good money after bad and there is an opportunity cost because you could have invested that in the viable coins. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, just my humble opinion

  4. Jamie

    Eth, Btc and Xrp.

    1. Sam Orazio

      Jamie the best ones to buy

  5. MUTMAN76

    I have been buying consistently for about a year bi-weekly.

    1. Ryan Robinson

      Thank you for sharing…..I’ve bought 1 time and have been trading up for 2 and half years for free.

    2. crypto sonny

      what is the best place to buy BTC. coinbase is expensive. thank you

    3. Garlic Brad

      I personally like uphold. It’s a very easy purchase for US customers

    4. Ryan Robinson

      @crypto sonny = Bittrex

    5. crypto sonny

      @Ryan Robinson thank you but I am a US buyer, not sure if i can buy with dollars

  6. Migs '85

    I’ve been buy crypto and food to stay alive 😂

  7. Roman Geber

    Yes, been buying Satoshis in irregular intervals, typically after a sharp dip.

  8. GermanCryptoGuy

    I bought BTC and XRP when I had money left.

  9. Eliot Menendez

    Thanks TMI. I listen everyday. DYes! Irrational, but I’m not shocked. I know it can crash. Buying every week BTC 80%, 15% Ethereum , 5% shitcoins , dollar cost averaging. Done telling people and family to consider buying .Lol.

    1. Medic 19

      Me too. Gave up a long time ago.

    2. morrissey guy

      Eliot Menendez forgot $ADA hommie. People seem to forget the man who is leading Cardano Co created ETH soooo

    3. Morgoer Manger

      morrissey guy doesn’t mean a thing though, he worked on ETH for a couple of months

  10. Global Vision Traders

    TMI Please state the date at the beginning of recording. 🙏

  11. Larry Gooch

    Buying weekly BTC – 50% – 25% XRP – 25% XTZ

  12. Stuff McStuffers

    … i’m still buying. every week, if not twice a week.

  13. M L

    I’m buying but less regularly now that I’ve reached my goals. Mostly bitcoin. 90 plus percent. A little Xrp. And even less Eth. That’s it. Also the price is above my dollar cost average rn so I’m not interested in raising that figure, especially since I’ve put a higher percentage of my net worth than I initially intended. If the price goes below that avg I’ll consider buying more to lower it.

    1. james drake

      Wrong mindset think of new buys as new positions and think of holding those positions even longer I only say this because I think bitcoin will reach a high price point within 2 years

    2. triplewitching

      @james drake ML put in more than he can handle losing. It could go up, its likely to go up, but it might go down, and he can’t afford to lose his fiat investment. Some people can’t go all in on really weird stuff like crypto, even if you are sure of it.

  14. Rico Smash

    I honestly hope prices crash hardddd, so I can accumulate more lmao

    1. Emmanuel Jeudy

      Yo I’m kinda with you…I understand how hard it is to see your hard earn money dwindle right in front of you but, man just think if you keep buying while it’s down..smh..the rewards will make up for it.

  15. FatSlim Milky

    2nd to half of the leg of the race. I love your genuineneccisocity….lol

  16. Brian Turner

    I could wait a decade for crazy bull run territory, I’m not worried about the slow movements

  17. Matt Meyer

    Doubled my xrp holdings in the last two month. Every week.

  18. Chad Lupkes

    btc, eth, weekly buys without hesitation.

  19. Kyle Wallon

    Bitcoin, every week. Small incriminates.
    Ether, EOS probably once a month.

  20. DawidDgk

    I try to buy fractions of Bitcoin every month. Depends how money I have.

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