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25 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Remains Strong – Venezuela’s Petro Dollar Launches”

  1. Uncle Blade

    Thanks for all you do! I like how relaxed you are and straight up!

    ETH: 0xe04c23dB3a8df1C1Ab6f5163c1F5F16eA1e56D40

  2. saurabh s

    Love your thoughts brother

  3. Allen Bond

    Great videos, level headed stance on this stuff is needed more , thanks🍻

  4. AK

    David…i first watched your videos about a month ago. You were knowledgable but dry. Seeing you with a bong…that works!

    1. billy rozZz


      And that what makes him clever…loll

  5. be4stable

    I love that freaking bong just sitting there 🙂 FTW!!! Mah man

    1. be4stable

      0xa48618e5aea7d60e98edf08a4839ebb64305f009 forgot my wallet!!!

    2. Andrew Frater

      after you were loving the bong you forgot your address, I think you really do like the bong…..

  6. Bryan Bastin

    I started watching your video for a week ago. Good content and straightforward. You earned yourself a subscriber and following your videos. Good Job and Keep it up 👍
    LTC: LU1nBy3xEcuuF8zkXdQ7n2xLSH2efFRsY6

  7. B B

    love the live session!!! dave you should do live night talk show thing lol 😀

  8. Whatever Loop

    Make blinking intro short or add some music please

  9. Kermit the Frog

    *”Crypto and Chronic” and you dont even take a hit…*

    1. David Hay

      Kermit the Frog player please!

  10. Danny Trieu

    Love your Video 👍👍👍

  11. GHOSTHazeChiller

    You may should have used another thumbnail “happy hour” ist quiet fitting when we talk about Venezuela and their token…

  12. Tile Alstar

    can you do a review on Odyssey (OCN) . love your show .

  13. TedKeyboard

    I didn’t realise you were a massive stoner! You sir have gained a new subscriber and follower!


  14. Neo Matrix

    Dude, haha. Wtf, you seem like you’re a straight up business dude, then you whip out a bong… haha. I laughed. 0xcBD36438C5148271e43067460ca6794C8523C6AC

  15. wouldyoukindly

    you’re the man David. thanks for the great content as always.

  16. Lute Scrat

    wasn’t expecting David was in Bongs 😀

  17. Victor Hudici

    I’m new to this channel and I really like the content you are making. Keep up the good work!

  18. Charlie Gray


  19. David

    Hit that BOoong David 2:11 I didn’t know that you love the bong 😀 Hit that bong hehe Great channel!!

  20. Pradoh00

    HAHA when i first started watching your channel, i was like wow what a nice garden. little did i know you were growing that good stuff in your garden

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