Jim Cramer: Bitcoin will be a trillion dollar market!


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31 Thoughts to “Jim Cramer: Bitcoin will be a trillion dollar market!”

  1. chrisiden

    buy bitcoin! case closed :)… thanks Kamal!

    1. MrHarrilasagna

      chrisiden You said it brother….

  2. Free Mason

    Bitcoin $100,000 2018

  3. AndeyPewpew

    those guys got no clue haha..

    1. aquapurity

      Seriously clueless talking heads. How about they do some technical research before opening their mouths on live television.

    2. giantasparagus


    3. Derek Blades

      lol they dont know if you can sell fractions of a coin…

    4. Steve Mandy

      AndeyPewpew this was hard to watch, just dinosaurs.

  4. Mario Preis

    1:46 I really enjoy listening to those experts talk about Bitcoin. 😉

    1. Moon Leah

      These experts only know how to buy/sell. They don’t look for subsistence.

  5. Tony Smith

    If cramer says buy bitcoin. Im out. 😂

  6. Tony Smith

    They dont even know btc are divisible. 🙄🙄

    1. Sene bobo

      Tony Smith

      Thanks for using the word “divisible” haven’t heard come across that word in ages.

  7. MtnXfreeride

    Holy shttt these guys are idiots! Are they really that lazy that they cant do some research?? Never listen to kramer…

  8. Antonio

    Who else watches these types of videos only for entertainment purposes 😂

    1. Martin Carter

      Antonio i do

    2. Chris Breeze

      Antonio it’s like asking my Dad to tell me about bitcoin. But he admits he knows nothing about crypto and just gave me some money to buy bitcoin for him!

  9. Parrhesia 1984

    So clueless

  10. Jeffrey Wilson

    A great sign when establishment propaganda agents start trash talking.

  11. Facts Land

    This guy sounds like a shoe salesman.

    1. user name taken

      Facts Land No reason to insult shoe salesmen like that!! LOL!

  12. Karim K. Dizzle

    It amazes me how people have no clue about BTC and are saying it’s a ponzi scheme. Do your hw. BTC will make many millionaires. Recognize the opportunity and take advantage of it. Opportunities like this don’t come often in life.

  13. Fritz Casper

    Even at this point these people don’t understand the basic concepts of how this stuff works. Just hilarious! Experts… 💩

  14. Raza Daza

    Can anyone tell me what these numbskulls are trying to talk about? What a bunch of clueless morons

  15. Jason Cave

    Good Lord. Please do a little research.

  16. Martin Carter

    What the hell was Cramer going on about?

  17. Don't Be A Psycho

    I now know what dinosaurs sounded like 🙄

  18. Radoslaw Motylinski

    “Can you give them tenths and hundredths of a BitCoin?”
    Experts 😉

    And whu is using GPU to mine btc? Btc mining is ASIC only.
    Experts 😉

    “And the electricity required to keep those computers cool from all this data mining is ehhm…. is high”

    “They are selling to the Block Chain – Block Chain infrastructure”
    I wonder if If Block Chain would buy something from me….

    “I mean Venezuela huge number of people using these cards to trying to find more BitCoin”
    WHAT CARDS??????? BTC is ASIC only right now.

    How much BS can you cram in 3 minute clip????

    1. FireBlast666

      “We’re not finding 1% of bitcoin a year” No, in fact we are finding 4%

  19. Major REX

    Waoo its like watching a bunch of clown talking about surgery. Clueless!

  20. divinegrace92

    You can take the worlds 600 fastest super computers and it’ll be thousands of times too slow to compete with the Bitcoin network. The day Bitcoin can be taken over is when the computational effort of 42peta hashes per second can be achieved. Now this computation must be sustained for about 10 minutes …and the network will be in the computers hands allowing for a fraction of time to DOUBLE SPEND. theoretically possible… practically… unfathomable.

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