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18 Thoughts to “Hindustan Unilever Technical Analysis with target price | HUL stock analysis with candlestick chart”

  1. Saurabh Sharma

    Please help, which one to buy IDFC BANK OR CAPITAL FIRST ?

    1. devender sharma

      None of above

  2. Jawahi diyar kheti

    sir Kya ETF DELIST hota hao

    1. Fantastic Nifty

      bilkul hota hai, liquidation ke 30 day pehle notification dega service provider

  3. Sujit Saha

    Sir what is your view dredging corporation

    1. Fantastic Nifty

      Good stock

  4. Bipul Kumar Deka

    Can i hold HUL for retirement?

    1. Fantastic Nifty


  5. khalid birajdar

    Can I hold HUL for more than 10 yrs
    If yes then can I buy more quantity for current market price?
    Why to wait for 1604 level
    Agar thoda correction hota bhi hai to long term me loss to nahi hoga na??

    1. Fantastic Nifty

      bilkul khareed sakte ho, tension wali koi baat nahi hai, all the best

    2. khalid birajdar

      @Fantastic Nifty Thank you very much Sir
      Expecting more such stock analysis videos from you

  6. Jyoti prakash pradhan

    Sir what we expect in HUL after 7 year.. Rate of stock

    1. Fantastic Nifty

      Thats very difficult to say but it will surely be a multibagger

  7. sanjeev sharma

    Pardon, bearish divergence big bearish volumes , falling chances

  8. nemai paul

    HUL mai confusion nhi hona chaiya

  9. Mukundadas Sheth

    Please announce date before starting video

    1. Fantastic Nifty

      how will that help?

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