Why Bitcoin Dollar Demolition Means High Silver Price!


Why the increase in bitcoin might profit the silver price significantly. Bitcoin the cryptocurrency has power a great deal of attention is going to bitcoin right now. Bitcoins success indicates substitute of previous repayment systems and also The start of futures in a little greater than a week both could subject futures cost dealing with and also competitors to silver and also gold.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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66 Thoughts to “Why Bitcoin Dollar Demolition Means High Silver Price!”

  1. DeltaLion1

    They will blame the crash on Bitcoin. And they walk away free. The Bankers LOVE Bitcoin.

    1. Brent

      DeltaLion1 been thinking the same thing

    2. The Rocket Radio Show

      DeltaLion1 your comments lay bear for all to see that since you fail to take the time to do your own research and reject what you find complex. You do not understand bitcoin (like a moron that thinks tiny people live inside their TV. )
      SINCE you don’t understand bitcoin, you just reject it. Low IQ.

    3. Brent

      bitcoin is a fad just like furbies and crypto kitties. if i said my sock was rare theres only one like it and its worth a million dollars ypu all would be fighting for a thread of it.

    4. DeltaLion1

      The Rocket Radio Show ….I reject Bitcoin. Because I truly understand Bitcoin.

  2. burdickd2

    I love my precious metal piles. I love owning my home, my car and my stores of food and water. Crypto-currency = September, 1929. Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it. BOOM.

    1. burdickd2

      The Rocket Radio Show: Hope you don’t get all your services via credit. When credit dries up, so will you. Cryptos are just another ponzi scheme. Can’t wait to watch the rug get pulled. Ownership is king.

    2. Henry Goh

      I love crypto i will continue to invest in it until silver price up 30%
      from current level
      Then i will switch all in to silver

  3. l jessel

    Listening to Catherine Austin Fitts – she thinks bitcoin is a psyop – treat it like a pump and dump – make your money and run – Pigs will get slaughtered.

    1. silver manic attack

      l jessel you are exactly right.get in ,make some cash,and get out.silver gold still there,in essence for free

  4. J Stew

    My thoughts exactly. This has the ability to backfire on them, expose the wrongdoings and set silver free. Lets hope!

    1. J Stew

      Dinga Ling, you clearly don’t understand what we’re talking about. The extremely limited Bitcoin market is the reason silver futures will possibly be exposed for what it is and hopefully more difficult to have a blind eye to.

  5. Tai Mir

    Bitcoin and litecoin is showing the true value and ratio of physcial gold and silver. The irony

    1. Tom Manley

      Sponges soaking up our inflation dollars…..

    2. Billhenry3636

      Tai Mir .

  6. radiomanze1

    I still say that somehow they are tying the impending hyperinflation to digital currency. I sure we will find out out soon enough, 2018 is around the corner 1988 economist magazine

  7. havikshorst120

    Buy silver when it is unloved and it was never a better time than now !

    1. wayne mcclory

      Already silver and gold are rising in value in many countries. 1 oz silver is worth 9 months of food and lodging!! This is coming to America soooooon ! Wake up and stack some at low prices before it’s too late. I won’t take one bitcoin for a loaf of bread,but I will take silver, today and tomorrow’s to come. Look ay Venezuela !

  8. BarryLyndon

    When uninformed folks (such as I) are giving investment advice, ruination is near.

    1. Juan Lopez

      Monk 2 LOL!!!

    2. Gerald Hartman

      Monk, wasn’t that how Rockefeller saved himself and actually came out on top following the ’29 Depression? Something about Rockefeller was having his shoes shined by a boy who began intelligently discussing the market….something like that.

  9. Tom Manley

    100%…..Bitcoin is a controlled scam. Only fools rush in.

    1. Classic Americana

      Yeah I didn’t even buy any bitcoin either. But wish I did when it was cheap and got rich real quick. Don’t u

    2. The Rocket Radio Show

      Tom Manley bitcoin since 2009. Yep, big rush.

    3. luvzmoveez

      Tom Manley I Agree totally. Where or Who is accumulating these huge bitcoin fee’s off the public I want to know??? Are these fee’s being deposited BACK into bitcoin or is a very select few, keeping these fee’s for themselves? Hmmm. Sounds a bit like the the dingdongs running the federal reserve bank with their infamous dirivatives. We better find out where these fee’s are going before we dump our life savings into this wonderful new currency.

    4. Tom Manley

      RocketRadioShow:…Since 1996 when the NSA drew up those White Papers, if the truth were to be known. The rush is recent just like all bubbles.
      Some idiots make fast bucks and here comes the herd, seen this play before. You buying at 15K, not me.
      Big paper money is entering this market, they know how to play the game, good luck, your in THEIR HOUSE.

    5. Tom Manley

      _outofphase, Wall monitor, …..never said I did not have any…..

  10. RWG RWG

    lol tulip mania, dot com mania, housing mania, wonder what the next mania will be? ah but this time I hear it’s different everyone is a winner technology has fixed it where people don’t lose, maybe I should sell everything I own and cash out my retirement that would give me about 1.5 million to dump into bitcoin probably would become a very rich billionaire by sunset

    1. Alaska Prepper

      However long it took you to build up a 1.5M dollar retirement someone in the crypto sphere probably earned in a day or two. What options do you offer? Stay in a FIAT currency that is devalued every day and is worth less and less until the day you die? Or continue to hope that one day the manipulation of AG and AU will stop when it’s been going on for the last 150 years? A new mechanism for preserving your wealth has been invented and yes it’s your choice whether to participate in it or not but you offer no solutions just criticism. Good luck…

    2. Disappointed Steve

      RWG RWG

      Uh, one thing I can GUARANTEE you… it sure the hell WON’T be SILVER MANIA! 🤣

    3. RWG RWG

      you might be right, each generation has a lesson to learn they think the generation before them is totally stupid, I have nothing against bitcoin I think a lot of folks have to much faith in an unknown and I wish them good luck with bitcoin I’m still stuck in the old ways I believe you earn what you get and for your info I have done very well with silver in the past will I again have to wait and see

    4. jeffrey besnia

      Agreed, put your money in the stock market casino and hope it doesn’t crash (it will). In “safe” investments like government treasury bills which don’t even keep up with inflation. Gold and silver which rightfully probably should be going up like bitcoin is.

  11. Savedby Grace

    I never fully recouped from the 2008 collapse. Ugh

    1. Juan Lopez

      selena ervin hope it gets better for ya💰💰💰

    2. Flatbed Gallows

      I dont think many did

    3. Ricardo Zapata

      selena ervin wtf? Who is your broker? They are fucking robbing you. Wtf x a million. Or you are the fucking stupidest person on earth. Everything recovered from the crash and now we are in the ultimate bubble. Real state markets etc.

    4. Alaska Prepper

      Litecoin will 10X by the end of 2018. Good luck…

  12. Steve Misosky

    Down with the banksters!

  13. Mgtow Farmer

    If you don’t have the money to pay to play,
    Don’t play…
    I personally will stay out of the system. I may not go up, but I won’t go down. I don’t know enough to risk it… And accept what I don’t have.

    1. Jason Gibson

      fat guy no more your money goes down if you do nothing. You gotta put to somewhere to out pace inflation, or you will have nothing left

    2. Mgtow Farmer

      I don’t have the time to research and follow the markets. I will make almost 40% return on some money invested in 6 months threw my work.
      I will get better returns working with what I know

    3. Lyndon Eaton

      if you don’t play you can’t lose – as long as you have a back up of real money called gold or silver. that is the hedge against inflation or other economic disruptions.

  14. J. Copeland

    Bitcoin is the push for cahless society. Then the mark of the beast . Then the end all unfolding

    1. Robert Ledingham

      I want revelation to unfold.

    2. Art Chavez

      J. Copeland lol so is visa,master card,amex!!! Dont be a fool!!

    3. Art Chavez

      Dinga Ling yeah you have cash,bitcoin and visa..

    4. Art Chavez

      Dinga Ling silver and gold are cashless too!!

    5. jalonnie gray

      Hey you guys there are forces unseen because you don’t have any of those unless you have cash in hand, you own the credit card company would you probably don’t or you have backup power for your Bitcoin computer which I doubt? All of those things can be stopped in a blink of an eye.

  15. Matthew Hudson

    Just wait till the Fed declares all-out war on any crypto currency it hasn’t created or authorized. You’ll be glad you stacked PMs.

  16. Lady pilliwick

    Lol. The Cabal is behind the crypto move…. they know they have to let something replace the fiat currencie. Their letting cryptos run full tilt to replace fiat. and when it gets up to running full speed. They’ll back it with gold. (And who has all gold ?) Their buying land and gold hand over fist
    This will get
    them out from under the billions owed in pensions social security military retirement welfare etc……
    So stack up on cryptos and play their game. Buy land and gold
    Russia is already setting up a gold backed currency.

  17. Terri

    They’ll use Bitcoin to crash the system.. then, come in like superman and offer THEIR VERSION …

    1. jalonnie gray

      Terri I agree it’s called fedcoin

    2. Lyndon Eaton

      i agree, this is what it looks like. they will exploit this bubble and make $ billions on those that throw money at bitcoins, then collapse it when ready and then come up eventually with their own version of a bitcoin for a global money system

    3. scotty8254

      Yep. As of today its ripple. Then once the ininformed invest more than they can afford in hopes for riches. It will “dump”, the owners of the biggest shares will cash out to close to one usd as possible. Sad….
      Just my opinion. Its a good chess move by elites. Push out the middlw class even more.

    4. Lyndon Eaton

      the last chapter of bitcoin has not been written. the fact they have some bitcoins futures in wall street does not mean bitcoin is regulated  or protected yet.

  18. johnny30806

    Still stacking silver.
    It’s a buyer’s market in silver right now.

    1. Silver Crypto

      johnny30806 it will be a buyers market for ever! Get crypto

    2. johnny30806

      Silver Crypto cant afford it, out of my price range

    3. Silver Crypto

      johnny30806 you can purchase any dollar amount of bitcoin you want. Take a look at coin base. If you want 20 dollars worth you can buy 20 dollars worth.

  19. dwardt1

    True inflation is between 12% & 15%. True unemployment is between 35% and 40%. It’s worse than the 1930s.

    1. dwardt1

      There is a disconnect between the true value of metals and the market. For example, in the futures market on the COMEX, there is over 170 ounces of gold traded for each ounce of gold available for redemption. If you buy a futures option for gold and want your gold delivered, you might not get it and have to take fiat dollars instead. That’s how the price of precious metals are manipulated. Hence, to protect your assets, it’s prudent to own and have physical gold or silver in your possession.

    2. 4711Express

      dwardt – nobody brings this up apart from this channel.

    3. dwardt1

      Chris Gilliam: At this point in time, precious metals are not an investment for anything other than insurance to protect one’s assets.

    4. Accuracy Marked

      Inflation is ~ 6% a year and true unemployment is 21%….GDP is running 1.75%…still really bad.

    5. 4711Express

      Chris – I was referring to “True unemployment is between 35% and 40%. ” in USA he means.

  20. jeffrey besnia

    A bubble is a bull market which you don’t have a position in.

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