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22 Thoughts to “Altcoin News – Bitcoin Correction, Bitcoin Futures, IOTA, Trillion Dollar Bitcoin Market”

    1. bigman19916

      Ben i FAT

  1. Magnesium-J

    Thank you for these videos! You have great insight into the markets!

  2. Blake Betts

    appreciate you Jeff!

  3. eeklipz

    Good picks Jeff. Kicking myself on alot of your picks. I am Hodl position on cardano and Quant, and waiting for some movement to move into other core positions

  4. Kryptonite

    crypto kitties seem like such a status symbol splurge

  5. BackYard Austria

    Groestl (coin) is a really good Austrian Dish … anyway thx Jeff for your infos

  6. Ramon Bernal

    Just buy and hold .. blockchain is just starting … Long term will yield great results .. stop looking at the insignificant details … get in and wait as long as there is a strong company behind the curremcy, it will explode!

    Or don’t, all we have is choices.

  7. Sayedmustafa21

    Hey Jeff,

    Great video as usual, thanks.

    Can Altcoin Buzz incorporate references to BTC price of asset when analyzing price action? For those of us interested in using Alts strictly for BTC profit that would be very beneficial to consider while evaluating buy opportunities.


  8. Henry Persoon

    I will ad to my position if we get to $12k & $10k could be wishful thinking

    1. Eric Dobkin

      Henry Persoon I think the Fibonacci tool put the (potential) bottom of the dip around $9500. That would be an amazing time to trade some of your alts back into btc. As a matter of fact, I would bet that a sub 10k bitcoin would put the rest of the market into the red for exactly that reason.

  9. zulky g

    hey jeff yes. we want more videos like this 😉

  10. B Adam

    i’m new bee and i like this channel, can’t wait to invest on coins, waiting my bank to release my money.

  11. dixy land

    how do you take profit ,and what is your exit strategy. hope you can answer this

  12. Zaid Meb

    Great video, excellent explanation!

  13. B C

    tks jeff for the priceless info, can I ask what are your views re Funfair and Tron in this upcoming year

  14. Eric Dobkin

    Jeff, I really appreciate what you’re doing. Please put your referral links on every video just in case one of us wants to sign up for some exchanges, etc, that you would recommend. You’re research has been helping me, so it’s the least we can do in return. Keep up the good work!

  15. Nathan Allen Pinard

    Who would buy at 18k? That’s when you SELL, then buy when it dips. This isn’t hard to figure out just hard to “see”.

  16. Discovery Tree

    buddy of mine just dropped $250k on streamData

  17. Always Crypto

    BUY LOW!

  18. Do you even Rift

    can u do a video on xrb?

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