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“Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition” a demo – presented by Greg Morris


Webinar initially presented on 11/16/11

Greg Morris' Japanese Candle Pattern Acknowledgment Demo

Take Japanese candle pattern analysis to a brand-new level with this MetaStock add-on from the author of "Candle holder Charting Explained."

Lots of traders have currently uncovered that Japanese candlesticks allow them to see data more thoroughly at simply a glance, yet they frequently neglect crucial variables. Though many candlestick products exist, they don't offer in-depth pattern acknowledgment and filtering system, and they don't utilize correct approach (original Japanese).

Greg Morris, Western candle holder leader and also writer of "Candle holder Charting Explained," has actually partnered with MetaStock to establish the Japanese Candle light Pattern Acknowledgment Add-on. This cutting edge addition to the MetaStock line offers accurate recognition of REAL Japanese patterns by utilizing sophisticated filtering capacities and also Greg's comprehensive understanding on the subject.

Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition consists of the following:

3 Indicators
JCPR Candle Pattern
JCPR Assistance & Resistance
JCPR Filtering Binary
4 Expeditions and also System Examinations
JCPR Reversal Patterns
JCPR Turnaround Patterns Verified
JPCR Filteringed System Reversal Patterns
JCPR Filteringed System Turnaround Patterns Confirmed
1 Expert Expert
JCPR: Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition
2 Layouts
JCPR Clean Chart
JCPR Filtering Indicators
Just How Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition stands apart from the rest:

Real Japanese Candle Light Patterns
All the patterns in the add-on (other than 2) hold true Japanese patterns based upon the comprehensive research carried out by Greg Morris with original Japanese literature.

JCPR Candle Trend
This new approach of recognizing trends takes into consideration real range of costs and also expands or agreements based upon those ranges. This enables it to adhere to the fad adaptively and also with greater accuracy.

JCPR Assistance and also Resistance
By automatically determining the assistance and also resistance lines, this feature permits you to enhance the look back durations as well as increase the concept.

JCPR Scoring
Based on a riches of experimental data (7275 typical United States supplies, which included big data backgrounds that amounted to over 14.6 million days of information), this important function scores the likelihood that a reversal trend pattern will be successful.

Greg Morris' History with Japanese Candlestick Charting

Greg Morris
" I attended a Market Service technician Association workshop in Phoenix az, AZ in 1988. There was a huge section of Japanese investors present and also they presented their charting methods. It was the first time I had actually ever come across "Hi there Ashi," which is what the Japanese phone call their candlestick chart. I was collaborating with N-Squared Computer then as well as we decided to develop a charting item using Japanese patterns with automated recognition capability. I traveled to Japan and also remained with Takehiro Hikita that was an active red bean as well as rice trader in Yokohama. He was bent on training me the art as well as also helping in converting several books.

There are several publications out currently on candle patterns and also a lot of software application have candlestick charting capability. Nonetheless, really couple of have the correct method (initial Japanese). This product makes use of JUST the candle patterns that came from initial Japanese literary works, with two exemptions. The 3 Outside and 3 Inside patterns were created when I was at N-Squared Computer to enhance the Engulfing and also Harami patterns. They do that rather well, but please understand they are NOT real Japanese candle patterns.

Keep in mind: I discover it amusing that in brand-new books on candlesticks, the Three Outside and also Three Inside patterns are usually included as if they are actual Japanese candle light patterns. I assume just Steve Nison and also I did any type of original study, the remainder acquired their knowledge from us.

For added research I humbly advise you refer to the 3rd version of my publication, Candlestick Charting Explained, released by McGraw-Hill. I cover all of the patterns consisted of in this product, the single day patterns, and also lots of others that were produced to fill up openings in the Japanese literature. This item follows carefully the details laid out in the book. Guide was very first released in 1992 and also gets on its 3rd edition with a huge quantity of stats."

– Greg Morris

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