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Live Profit Rs 10280 using Magic with Candlesticks


Please watch: "DIWALI DISCOUNT RATE!!! RUSH!!".

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The video clip consists of real-time professions demo based on Magic with Candlesticks Approach.
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5 Thoughts to “Live Profit Rs 10280 using Magic with Candlesticks”

  1. ad09ize

    sir good trade…but this is live paper trading
    not real trading no order book shown no contract shown

  2. Bhaskar Dey

    This was to show the impact of learning. By the way I have shown live trades in traderoom videos, shown tradebooks as week in my previous videos. Those who understand will understand that its recorded live. Those who still do not understand really cannt do much about it.

  3. Sandeep Raut

    Very Nice videos Bhaskar. I have 2 questions.
    Which data feeder do you use for amibroker for live data? Is it possible to trade using brokers charting platform?

  4. Bhaskaer Dey

    Thanks ! No ami is a help tool not a requirement. i use Vbiz for datafeed. one can use broker chart as well but many brokers chart takes time to load when moving from one to another.

  5. s s

    nice video, but wrong position in arvind

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