Candlestick Charting 

Basic Candlestick Patterns


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Forex Trading Training Course Summary

Lessons are done one on one from Monday to Friday with team lessons being held on at 8:30 pm EST, all you have to do is make certain that you turn up, link will certainly be posted by me or another admin.


Rate Action Analysis

Chart Pattern Evaluation

Market circulation and also order flow

Support as well as Resistance Analysis

Naked Chart Analysis

Market Value Evaluation

Swing Trading

Day Trading

Bush Trading



Investor Psychology

Program Lesson Time – 8:00 -10:00 EST

. Satisfying –

. Package 1 – Training course will run for 2 months at a price of $150, you will obtain 3 trading systems upon conclusion of this course, systems include, market maker system, support and resistance system, day trade system, you shall also be offered lifetime accessibility to the telegram group.

Plan 2 – Training course will compete 3 months at an expense of $250, you shall obtain 3 trading systems upon conclusion of the training course, the systems consist of, the marketplace maker system, swing trade system, day trade system, lifetime access to the telegram group is additionally offered, plus you will be eligible for approval into my trading swimming pool.

Plan 3 – Program will certainly run for 4 months cost will certainly be $550, you shall receive 3 trading systems and likewise the scalping system if you desire to have it, my advanced professional advisers will also be given and you shall be qualified for my trading pool.

Repayments are all one-time charges, repayment can be made via Paypal to or for those that make use of Skrill settlement can be made to Union is additionally approved in addition to cable transfers however you will require to contact me for the required information, thanks a lot for all the assistance throughout the years God honor you all, peace and true blessings.

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