Candlestick Charting 

Candlestick Patterns 101


– When it concerns trading stocks, choices, Foreign exchange or futures you are dead in the water without the amazing insight given by Japanese candlesticks. Candle holder patterns have a means of showing stamina or weakness with a little method as well as a simple glimpse. In other words once you recognize the essentials you can eye a graph and get a prompt feel for direction. This sort of understanding is indispensable to a trader that is trying to enter a trade in a timely fashion. Also it will permit you to see plainly when a set up is not most likely to be what one may have expected. Start with these 10 high chance patterns – Learn 10 high probability favorable turnaround candle holder patterns.

The candlestick patterns covered are:

Bullish engulfing
Bearish engulfing
real body of the candlestick
early morning celebrity doji
hanging man
and much more.

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    Very genius to who created this idea of candkestick.

  3. roniepao

    what if i put flame to a bearish candle stick?

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    thanks for the helpful video.

  5. Dexter Masters

    You should do some of these videos explaining how to do the same with bitcoin or other crypto. I know a lot of it is universal, but a lot of guys are getting a TON of subscribers posting this stuff, but applying it to crypto, and you are much better at explaining yourself than those guys! Id especially be interested in how to apply your day trading profits calculation that you put in your bollinger bands video. Thanks for the info!

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