Candlestick Charting 

Marubozu, Engulfing and other powerful candlestick patterns


This webinar will cover some usual simple and also complicated candle holder patterns and also how to promptly determine these patterns form out there making use of Touch Scanner. The following are the subjects covered:
– What are Candlesticks?
– Short history of Candlesticks
– Sorts Of Candle Holder Patterns
– Theories and instances of patterns
– How to create Candlestick patterns on the Streak scanner
– Bottom line for utilizing Candlestick patterns.

Browse through for beginning scanning.

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35 Thoughts to “Marubozu, Engulfing and other powerful candlestick patterns”

  1. Prasad Sharma

    HI SIR now i’m in office cant watch. is this video available for future ?

    1. Zerodha

      Hey Prasad, yes, you can, on the same link.

  2. abhi mane

    Same question… I am in the office too … how to watch it afterwards?

    1. Zerodha

      Hey Abhi, yes you can on the same link.

  3. Shaiz CR7


    1. Alpha Trader

      That’s the beauty of brokerage business! LOL!


    HI SIR now i’m in outdoor cant watch. is this video available for future ?

    1. Zerodha

      Hey Radhey, yes you can on the same link.

  5. Nilesh Koyande

    is zerodha streak tool free for all users??

    1. Zerodha

      Hey Nilesh, there’s a 7 day trial you can check out:

  6. mayank trivedi

    if anybody want to earn from stock market need to study first TIME,TREND,AND PATTERNS.

  7. Chakravarthy Batna

    For opening an account in zerodha.. Why did you charge 300rs , please give free for students or decrease the price for opening the account

    1. Zerodha

      Hey Chakravarthy, account opening fee is a one time fee. Compared to the benefits of your Zerodha a/c, it hardly makes a difference. Here’s the Zerodha Universe:

  8. Parth Shah

    Can u please make video on how to use pivot points on streak

    1. Support Streak

      Hi Parth! Thanks for your feedback. We shall try to cover it in our future webinars.


    Streak should be made free of cost for the 1st year after opening Demat Account. And after 1 year too this service should not be such highly charged.

    1. Zerodha

      Hey Gauraj, building and running a platform like Streak takes a lot of time and resources. Considering the value you derive, price shouldn’t be an issue. The best things in life aren’t free.

  10. Ram Kumar Sengar

    @Zerodha Where can I access manual of Streak?

  11. PlayKraft Games

    can’t scan as limit reached for user. How to increase the limit??

  12. Rajesh Chandra Lal

    Your all webinars are focussed on entry in trade but not on exit. Please advise what are the condition of exit with minimum loss in case of sudden reversal and retain some profit after entry and favourable rally for few minutes in INTRADAY TRADE.

    1. Support Streak

      Hi Rajesh! Thanks for your feedback. We shall try to incorporate it in our future webinars.

    2. Rajesh Chandra Lal

      @Support Streak Thanks for reply. In fact many tradors know when to enter but don’t know when to exit with profit. By end of the day they incurr losses.
      I also request you to inform me your schedule of webinars so as I may participate live in future.

  13. amar mehta

    I would like to see this scanner working in live markets.. and how accurately they work..

    1. Support Streak

      Hi Amar! You can take our 7 days free trial and give the scanner a try. You can also deploy the scanner live to receive alerts in the live market.

  14. Nitin Mittal

    There should be ready made streategy

  15. Toto bany

    Broker ka kam hai pasa kmaña😇😇😇😇
    Takee us kea plate form adek user aaye
    1eyar 50 bar trading karoge to broker
    Ka kamai hogs

  16. chirag shah

    Great explanation!! It would be great of some of this scans are provided inbuilt in streak.

    1. Support Streak

      Hi Chirag! We already have 70+ prebuilt popular scans available and soon we will be adding more.

  17. wasim jamadar

    Sir hindi mein nahi hai kya?

    1. Support Streak please watch our live Hindi webinar. Recording will be available on the Streak channel.

  18. Phaninder Reddy

    No preparation done by narrator before starting. Didn’t keep me interested in the topic.

  19. Rajeshwari R

    If hammer is red in a downtrend does it still signify buying strength?

  20. Danger Dagar

    Provide these scanner

    Readymade or
    Settings in a separate sheet or picture

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