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Candlestick Pattern Trading #14: How to Read Candlestick Patterns like a Pro by Rayner Teo


Invite to video # 14 of TradingwithRayner's candle holder trading program!

This is a totally free (detailed) candlestick trading training course that shows you the basics of candle holder trading patterns, also if you have actually never ever traded it previously.

This course has 17 videos and also it covers: helpful candlestick trading patterns, advanced candlestick trading methods, greatest errors to avoid when trading candle holder patterns– as well as candle holder trading methods.

Now …

In this 14th video, you'll find out:

– Why you NEVER EVER require to remember candlestick patterns, just concentrate on these 3 THINGS …
– Just how to check out a candle holder pattern properly also if you've never ever seen it previously
– How to inform whether customers or vendors are in control– so you can trade along the path of least resistance …

Ready for this lesson?

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  1. gab longjas

    thanks man

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    We love you Teo!

  3. Raymond Leung

    Great stuff man!

  4. Dinusha Silva

    Thank you rayner .. great video. I am a binary trader..very useful

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    Thanks, great video

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    body is a power


    Very useful. Will like to be your student

  9. TeflonBilly

    Thanks Rayner you are a great teacher, explaining it so logically

  10. dan z

    great video ty

  11. Veera Sareddy

    Nice Video Rayner. How many minutes chart should I refer in this case?

  12. satish chandra

    can we buy or sell middle of previous candle?

  13. Pen Pen Gaming

    What about, if the body of bullish candle have same size with the upper wick?

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