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Multiple Line Japanese Candlestick Patterns – Price Action Strategy | Part 6 (HINDI)


Numerous Line Japanese Candle Holder Patterns are of 6 kinds. We talked about engulfing and harami patterns partially 5 of this 7 part video clip collection on rate action technique. In this video clip, we will certainly talk about following 4 Numerous Line Japanese Candle holder Patterns of rate activity method.

1. Dark Cloud Cover
2. Puncturing Pattern
3. Early morning Celebrity
4. Evening Celebrity

Dark cloud cover is a bearish turnaround pattern. It is developed after an uptrend. The first candle light in this pattern is Environment-friendly lengthy day candle and also the second candle is red long day candle. The 2nd candle light opens above the high of the actual body of the 1st candle. It shuts minutes 50% from the high of the real body of the 1st candle. The 2nd candle is called the dark cloud.

Puncturing pattern is favorable turnaround pattern type after a sag. The 1st candle is red as well as the 2nd candle light is environment-friendly. The piercing candle light breaks into a bearish trend.

The morning celebrity is 3 candle light pattern. It is a bullish reversal. The first candle light is red as well as the 3rd candle is eco-friendly & both are lengthy day candle lights. The second candle light is tiny & can be red or eco-friendly.

The night star is a bearish turnaround pattern. The 1st candle light is green and also third is red & both are a lengthy day. The second candle light is little.

if two patterns appear back to back or are overlapping & indicating very same fad i.e. favorable or bearish then it is extremely high possibility configuration.

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