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Candlestick Pattern Trading #2: The Limitations of Candlestick Patterns by Rayner Teo


Welcome to video # 2 of TradingwithRayner's candle holder trading course!

This is a cost-free (detailed) candle holder trading course that shows you the basics of candlestick trading patterns, also if you've never ever traded it in the past.

This training course has 17 videos and also it covers: helpful candlestick trading patterns, advanced candlestick trading methods, largest blunders to prevent when trading candle holder patterns– as well as candle holder trading techniques.

Currently …

In this second video, you'll learn:

– How to modify candlestick graph patterns for the Forex market
– Why you should not count on candle holder patterns to tell you the instructions of the pattern, here's what you ought to do rather …
– The biggest disadvantage of candle holder patterns, as well as what you can do regarding it

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6 Thoughts to “Candlestick Pattern Trading #2: The Limitations of Candlestick Patterns by Rayner Teo”

  1. PK

    Shooting star is a bearish pattern but only if it appears at the top of the bull run, you are showing it after the market has pulled back. More important is where it appears in the chart.

    1. Monoï

      bull run and pull back is the same thing, a pull back on a bigger time frame can be a bull run on lower time frame. The one he showed us was in the wrong dirrection, after a pull back in an up trend you need to have a low test candle so this candle was in the wrong direction.

  2. jes kg

    Informative. Solution is to start with monthly patterns, then drill down to weekly, daily, hours and only interpret those lower time frames within the context of higher time frames.

  3. Fing Book

    Heard an SandP trader talk about tick charts the other day and why he uses them. Candles for me still.


    Your concept is clear.

  5. ess mac

    True, there is no holy grail, but i gotta tell you bro, if there was, your lessons would be the closest thing to it. These lessons have turned my trading around…5 stars. 10 out of 10. 100%. Happily in your debt sir.

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