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19 Thoughts to “How To Trade The Best Candlestick Patterns”

  1. YoungEntrepreneur01 Digital Entrepreneur

    usd/nzd ??? It not supposed to be nzd /usd ?

  2. mohit garg

    Great video:)

  3. Panorabeach

    Arnold…I love your video !

  4. Howard Hill

    great video thanks 🙂

  5. Novice Player - PUBG MOBILE

    Very useful video thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  6. Chunky Father

    awesome video

  7. Richard gamer

    thanks my friend ,good video

  8. Nhi Tran Phan Phuong

    Thanks for clear explanation and useful information!


      Thanks Nhi. I am glad you liked it


    2. Matt

      Nhi Tran Phan Phuong

  9. Fluctuation

    Hey bros, I have been trading for a couple years now, I’m in the marine corps so it’s hard to trade as often as I would like, But i get out next year. One thing I do is i watch other peoples videos to see if their trading matches mine or if I can pick up any new information, And it’s awesome to see videos like yours because you think just like I do!


      That’s great and thanks for reaching out.

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  11. Med Yassine Ezzine

    Awsome stuff, really, I backtested it for 2 weeks, one pair, EUR/USD, and it seems to give good results, but just a couple of question if I may:
    1 – Does the engulfing candle must have the entire body bigger than the previous or it may be enough with the tail (weak) ?
    2 – What about trading this stratetgy during the news releases ?
    3 – Does it work on any pairs ? any timeframes ? Any sessions ?
    4 – What about sl ? I’m thinking to use fractals…
    Thank you


      if the range engulfs the previous candle, it should be enough. If the body is engulfing, even better.
      I do not trade during news.
      Yes, it works across pairs and timeframes. I prefer to trade on the 4H and Daily.
      I use a discretionary stop loss technique

    2. Med Yassine Ezzine

      Thank you

  12. king david

    How will i know when to buy/sell

  13. Трофим Геворгян

    nice presentation

  14. Adewale joel Oriade

    Honestly speaking, even without watching this video I just go ahead and download, for what I know in Forex today you teach me the starting point ever since then I love all your video cos none is ever wasting of time. Thanks tradeciety

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