Candlestick Charting 

1 minute candlestick trading – reversal patterns live trading with explanation


This video includes 4 trading example a with the use of hanging guy W pattern development and also SNR trading and also emotion control. view the full video clip to understand the concept and constantly have feelings control on your own while trading

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View all video clips of the channel to get a correct understanding
Risk Caution: Your Resources Might Be At Risk.

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24 Thoughts to “1 minute candlestick trading – reversal patterns live trading with explanation”

  1. SurfEasy Easy

    good video sir I fully understand W formation lot of thanks.

  2. Mishael Dikachi

    Thank you so much for your work please make more on candlestick patterns thanks

  3. JK

    The last video and this one are perfect to understand. Keep it up bro 🙂

  4. Aldyna Damping

    Another great video, thank you hemraj 🙏🏻

  5. Lilybeth Khan

    Thank you. You have clearly demonstrated how to control your emotions when losing a trade and that patience is key also.

  6. rob

    thank you very much for this video – once again – excellent 🙂 i am so glad to have found your channel, it gives me hope for the future

    1. Maria Diogo

      Small candles!!!

  7. Felix mesa

    The videos you make are so educational and are so beneficial to me. Kindly do a video or in your next explain deeply on what it means by weak market its a bit confusing

  8. Artur Garcia Moreira

    Another great video brother, thank you!

  9. Angela Tuohy

    Love the honesty of videos,shows losses as well

  10. Gintaras Karpicius

    Thank you so much you’re amazing



  11. Albertus Booysen

    From South Africa, again a good video. Still more to practice

  12. Kamran Ijaz

    We can’t thank you enough for uploading such valuable videos and sharing your expert opinion with us. It’s surely very selfless and brave. Cheers for that! I just have a little question though. What software are you using because there are so many out there and it’s hard to choose. Thanks again.


      Check the description ,link is given

  13. Diego Fernando

    You´re the best and this vídeos have helped me a lot.


    dear hemarajan, in ur way of trading is successed 9success, 1 mariginal safety(no profit no loss)finally 1 loss in 11 trades on yesterday.. i would like to say something for the peoples & suggested to all new beginners like me, practice well this trusted spots SNR concepts its works & and trust 100% of hemarajan concepts..if market is good condition impossible to loose.. thanks a lot trusted spots.. personally i feel, (in a college or school we r loved one special teacher by all students)like u …here also same tats y every one loves u @hemarajan…

  15. Madhu 143

    Sir I have some doughts
    How to confirm which one was snr?
    Wiks r candles top Nd bottoms?


      Watch the snr playlist

  16. Mahesh kumara

    Thank You…God Bless You !

  17. Blank now

    1st Thank you for making these vids they are very informative. Your affiliate link however looks like it is broken

  18. Raphael Koruz

    Please sir, I have been watching your videos for a while now. If you can answer this question I will be very grateful.
    Is olymp trade fake or real?

  19. edwin455622

    This is great I am glad to be in part of it

  20. Kabo Tshekedi

    Thank you so much sir😘, do u have a facebook group, or a telegram channel, I’ll be honored to be part of em.

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