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35 Thoughts to “Candlestick Chart Pattern For Intrday Trading (In Hindi)”

  1. munira diwan

    good video

  2. vookanti santosh

    Very Simple language Sirji Thanks for your time in explaining in easy language 

    1. ChapdiZ

      @vookanti santosh thanks

  3. Tapas Paul

    This video is great, but can you please give me more information about how can we make buying and selling decision using this candlestick chart pattern!

    1. ChapdiZ

      @Tapas Paul thanks , i have explained all that in my paid videos , which will be published soon.

  4. Amriksingh Sharma


  5. sanket thakur

    this charts are like after csk v/s rcb match, if csk looses then after match summary u can only say if dhoni or bravo stayed for 2-3 overs while in middle they could have won…

  6. Ak Khare

    simple language . but need further sequel video till end to clarify how to use candles for decission making

    1. ChapdiZ

      @Ak Khare thanks , you can find those things in my further paid videos.

  7. Azim Shaikh

    nice sharing

    1. ChapdiZ

      hello , send me your wtsup no. i will contact you.

  8. raykarsantosh

    @klaud….dont understand this???Better u go to LKG???

  9. Nadeem Ali

    Simple good for new learner like me…. 🙂

    1. ChapdiZ

      hi msg me your whts no. i will contact u. thanks

  10. Nitin Shinde

    thanks for this excellent tools

    1. ChapdiZ

      thanks nitin.

    2. ChapdiZ

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  11. vikas goyal

    video really help..

    1. ChapdiZ

      thanks mr. king , keep watching and visit for free trading signal

  12. Angreji Tv Shows

    nice guide….
    bro you sound like Farhan Akhtar,
    can you speak one dialogue “” dilo mai betabiyaa lekar chal rahey ho to jinda ho tum””‘

    1. ChapdiZ

      haahaahaaaa, thanks buddy,

    2. Stephen Nouar

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  13. Yogesh Dattarampha

    nice video sir

    can u make more video related candle chart

  14. Subramannian K

    Thank you Sir. well explained.

  15. Shivam Tripathi

    where to see live candlestick chart….

    1. ChapdiZ

      hi which trading platform do u use

  16. Shweta Gupta

    plz send the link of ur next video where i could see the decision making chart

    1. ChapdiZ

      hi , plz click on channel from my video , u can see all of my latest videos, thanks

  17. money dost

    pl give your contact details

    1. ChapdiZ

      i will provide you very soon shashi jee just few days more , i just implimenting few things , thanks

  18. Anil Narayan Pandit.

    Volume of your audio?

  19. siddharth sharma

    Pattern tonbataya hi nahi bewkoof Bana gaya

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