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Candlestick Pattern Trading #3: What is a Bullish Engulfing Pattern by Rayner Teo


Welcome to video clip # 3 of TradingwithRayner's candle holder trading program!

This is a cost-free (step by step) candle holder trading training course that teaches you the basics of candlestick trading patterns, even if you've never ever traded it previously.

This course has 17 video clips and also it covers: valuable candlestick trading patterns, advanced candlestick trading techniques, largest errors to prevent when trading candle holder patterns– as well as candlestick trading strategies.

Now …

In this 3rd video, you'll find out:

– What is a Favorable Engulfing Pattern and also how it looks like
– The REAL definition of a Bullish Engulfing Pattern
– Not all Bullish Engulfing Patterns are created equivalent, here's what you must pay attention to … Ready for this lesson?

Then go view this video clip now.

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8 Thoughts to “Candlestick Pattern Trading #3: What is a Bullish Engulfing Pattern by Rayner Teo”

  1. Barry Syne

    Rayner,what if the previous candle’s wick is a bit longer or extended outside of the engulfing candle, but the previous candle’s body is contained within,is this valid,thank you.

    1. Abhishek Gupta

      Yes. The key thing is the body. The body of the succeeding wick has to engulf the body of the previous wick. So, I think it is still valid.

  2. seva100

    Thanks for great videos! One note on this one… Since this is a reversal pattern, it has to come after a downtrend, even if it’s only a few candles long. If there is no trend to reverse, then this candle formation doesn’t count as the Bullish Engulfing pattern. This is based on Steve Nison’s educational materials.

    1. aldadragon

      seva100 exactly

  3. aldadragon

    Sorry brother. Your first example of a bullish engulfing patter is incorrect according to Steve Nissan . The pattern should come AFTER a downward trend only as it’s a trend reversal signal not continuation ….

    1. Super Alpaca

      yup agree

  4. Manjunath.h.s Manjunath.h.s

    Bullish, bearish engulfing, piercing and drake cloud and harami are two day reversal right.. Can we see these patterns in one day chat…

  5. vikash verma

    Date 07.08.2019 nifty make engulfing bullish at 12pm but market down

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