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Learn How To Read Candlestick Charts From Thinkorswim on Your Phone


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This is a video I made pre market 6/7/18 to show how I review graphes to figure out entry utilizing nothing but Thinkorswim mobile.

It is very essential to understand candle holder charts as well as breakout patterns as well as entry and also departure points.

The easiest means to find the outbreaks is to discover the resistance and support patterns then build a HUGE watchlist on any charting software application website and also type by volume at open … Thinkorswim is the best imo.

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10 Thoughts to “Learn How To Read Candlestick Charts From Thinkorswim on Your Phone”

  1. John DOE

    Great video very informative and well done , easy to understand

    1. GapUpPlz

      John DOE thanks, check out the playlist I made with all the videos I’ve used to help learn. Also link to free chat room. Cheers

  2. PastorTrader

    How did you add the on balance indicator and the rest, down below the main chart? You scrolled down and there are a bunch of indicators – how’d you get those to show up? Mine won’t do that. Or, I can’t figure out how to make it do that. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Bryant H

      I had the same issue. Took me some time to figure it out. =) On the left side of the chart, there are hidden tools that you can click on to get to the settings. You have to tap the screen on the left if you are using an Android phone. Not sure how it works if you have an iPhone. I clicked the 4th one down which is shaped similar to a + sign. That turned on my indicators like they are shown in the video. Hope that helps!

    2. PastorTrader

      Oh wow. That’s awesome! Thank you! And for anyone else reading this after our discussion, do as he says, then add the various study’s you want by clicking on the test tube / beaker shaped icon that also comes up in that secret hidden menu. Thanks again Bryan, super helpful! Makes TOS mobil much MUCH more useful!

    3. GapUpPlz

      PastorTrader on tos mobile just choose what indicators u want by clicking the icons in the left

    4. GapUpPlz

      All my personal settings and scans available in chat room

  3. Jin Yang

    On my TOS, I cant see Depth section where you see the level 2. Am i missing something? how do you see the level 2 on TOS mobile app??

    1. GapUpPlz

      All my personal settings and scans available in chat room

    2. GapUpPlz

      All my personal settings and scans available in chat room

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