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17 Thoughts to “Top 5 Most Powerful Bullish Candlesticks Patterns”

  1. Jack J

    Gave you a thumbs up but for yr next videos cloud you speak a little clearly.

  2. Tom Thumb


    1. Ronde Fabian

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  3. Seetharaman Kuppuswamy

    nice and simple friend god bless you

  4. Trade Moore

    Thanks for the great points regarding candlesticks… You explained them really well!

  5. Daniel Olivera

    Thank you for this.

  6. Gerald Conan

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  7. Prakash Chavan

    Please make video in hindi

  8. cedric harvey

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  9. Gerald Conan

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  10. Chandeshwar Sahni

    Sir, share your next video please

    1. B.R. Bhandari
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  11. Aseem Singh

    Creepy voice

  12. Ghanshyam Pheri

    Great analysis. Also refer new video posted by #speakingtechnically – the bull sash pattern. Absolute pleasure to watch.

  13. Khairul Anwar Bin Abd Rahman

    Micheal Jackson. is that you? Yeh-heeee ~~. great video man.

  14. khajan singh

    Wich time frame it work

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