Candlestick Charting 

Candlestick Math – A New Way Of Using Candlesticks


When 2 solitary candle light lines are incorporated, the definition on the graph can come to be much more considerable. You'll obtain an also sharper sight right into the psychology of the market– and also the capacity for a market turnaround. Blended candles go hand-in-hand with numerous amount of time evaluation, which is a skill you need to much better recognize the total pattern of the marketplace and also generate rock-solid entrance and also exit points.

Candle holder patterns are made up of several candle holders and these can be combined together to form one candle holder. This combined candle holder captures the essence of the pattern.

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17 Thoughts to “Candlestick Math – A New Way Of Using Candlesticks”

  1. Senan Foutchedjev

    Holy smokes, I really got a lot of value from this video. What is the name of the presenter that uses the black background chart and red/green candles, who’s voice a bit hard to hear? Thanks

    1. jonyD143

      I agree. Give us the name please1

  2. Alec G

    I’ve never seen this before

  3. powerful mind

    Thank you so much sir
    I found it realy helpful☺

  4. Ts K

    now how does this apply when you add volume indicator?

  5. Hòng Lien

    How does the ROI method work for investments?

    1. Coleman Stevenson

      A high ROI means the investment’s gains favorably to its cost.

    2. Coleman Stevenson

      I do most of my investments based on ROI

    3. Stella Hamilton

      In purely economic terms, it is one way of relating profits to capital invested.

    4. Hòng Lien

      @Coleman Stevenson thanks for the info. How do you do your trades? Is there a platform?

    5. Trader Dé Tycoon

      In business, the purpose of the return on investment (ROI) metric is to measure, per period, rates of return on money invested in an economic entity in order to decide whether or not to undertake an investment.

  6. knoppix20

    Great idea!
    Compacting flat candles into one result

  7. Dee Bee

    It’s not a new idea!! It’s been around since candles were discovered. It’s called a blended candle. It’s in all of Steve Nison’s Books who is the pioneer that brought candles to America.

  8. stocks stocks

    Wonderful video

  9. Munish Kohli

    Learned much in this informative video. Thanks. Stopped counting of how many candlestick videos I have watched, but still think needs to fully cement idea before I start trading. Is there any simulation software I can download for free to play with in evening or in weekends. I don’t want to start real trading yet. Suggestions?

  10. Noor Hay

    I’ve known this concept years ago.

  11. Idris Rafeeq

    What time frame is accurate

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