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Candlestick Pattern Trading #15: The Wrong Way to Trade Candlestick Patterns by Rayner Teo


Welcome to video clip # 15 of TradingwithRayner's candle holder trading training course!

This is a totally free (step by step) candle holder trading training course that instructs you the basics of candle holder trading patterns, even if you have actually never ever traded it previously.

This course has 17 videos and also it covers: beneficial candlestick trading patterns, advanced candle holder trading techniques, biggest mistakes to prevent when trading candle holder patterns– and candle holder trading techniques.

Currently …

In this 15th video clip, you'll learn:

– The 3 most significant ERRORS investors make when trading candle holder patterns– and exactly how to avoid it
– Why candle holder patterns do not have an edge in the marketplaces, and also what you can do concerning it …
– Why trading candle holder patterns in isolation is a LOSING approach– here's what you should do rather …
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6 Thoughts to “Candlestick Pattern Trading #15: The Wrong Way to Trade Candlestick Patterns by Rayner Teo”

  1. Ahmed Moustafa

    then what was the benefit of the candlestick if the most important thing is the trend ?

    1. Jon Larson

      Simply another variable in your decision making. They can be used as ‘warnings’ but you still need confirmation.

  2. Alessandro Anggara

    Hi rayner, thank you for sharing,,,
    I want to ask what is isolation meaning?

    1. Rayner Teo

      It means trading it without taking into consideration of other factors.

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