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Candlestick Pattern Trading #13: How to Combine Candlestick Patterns by Rayner Teo


Welcome to video # 13 of TradingwithRayner's candlestick trading program!

This is a totally free (step by step) candlestick trading course that instructs you the fundamentals of candlestick trading patterns, also if you have actually never ever traded it before.

This program has 17 videos and also it covers: valuable candlestick trading patterns, advanced candlestick trading methods, greatest errors to stay clear of when trading candle holder patterns– and also candlestick trading approaches.

Now …

In this 13th video clip, you'll learn:

– Just how to combine candle holder patterns and also understand what the marketplaces are telling you
– Why the Favorable Engulfing Pattern can basically be a Hammer
– Why a Bearish Engulfing Pattern can essentially be a Capturing Celebrity

Ready for this lesson?

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12 Thoughts to “Candlestick Pattern Trading #13: How to Combine Candlestick Patterns by Rayner Teo”

  1. Papa Nabri

    Thank you teacher rayner

  2. Luckyplate Goodies Channel


  3. Kirye Bruce

    Thx rayner for another well explained video …Your the man!!!

  4. delphiguy23

    You explained it in a way a child can understand.. thanks a lot bud.

  5. Julien Chiribagula

    great teacher, am new and i want make it my proffession.

  6. davidiff2

    What’s the first word? tokitoki? I have heard for many times and I don’t know its meaning……

  7. Jamal Hunt

    Only 8050 views? The road to success is truly a narrow one.

  8. Shantanu Marathe

    Does this work in heikin ashi as well ?

  9. Daulat Phad

    Rayner.i have no words for your can only love all us.

  10. Sanjay Williams

    I’m confused, at 1:27 Rayner refers to the 2 hour candle as a bearish Pin Bar. I thought that it was called a Shooting Star though…

    1. Henry Blower


      This is the same thing, just has many different names.
      If you hear of bullish pin bar in the future it is a shooting star

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