Candlestick Charting 

How to Read Candlestick Patterns for Forex Beginners


Exactly how to review candlestick graphes for beginners explained to you in straightforward terms. Knowing just how to check out candle holder graphes is a crucial skill as a forex trader.

As part of your technological analysis, you require to discover how to read candle holder in foreign exchange trading and also learn what do the various foreign exchange candle holder patterns inform you.

In this candlestick patterns for novices tutorial, i will certainly share with you the various reversal japanese candlestick patterns and also candlestick graphes in addition to instances of how to read candlesticks in foreign exchange trading.


Suggestions provided in this video is mere recommendation as well as I will certainly not be in charge of any type of losses incurred from your investments or trading activities. Spending and trading is a high threat activity and should be come close to with caution. I am not a certified economic advisor. For this reason, it is very important for you to seek a qualified economic advisor to craft your portfolio.






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Karen is Singapore Forex trader, Singapore motivational audio speaker, Singapore youtuber, Singapore vlogger, author and was ranked # 1 in a Singapore across the country Foreign exchange trading competition.

This trader vlog showcases the trading way of living and entrepreneurship life, plus once a week motivation for those that are not traders.

It's additionally a Singapore vlog where most of the shots are performed in Singapore. She will certainly likewise be bringing you around the island to discover Singapore.

Karen is a motivational audio speaker based in Singapore and also Malaysia and supplies talks that touches the heart of her audience members.

She is an inspirational audio speaker that is well demanded by many schools as well as event coordinators as she is understood for solving several teenage issues as she has experienced numerous problems as a teenager at that time.



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    1:57 Bullish Engulfing Pattern
    6:56 Bearish Engulfing Pattern
    10:26 Bullish Harami Pattern
    13:08 Bearish Harami Pattern
    14:27 Bullish Harami Cross
    15:43 Bearish Harami Cross
    16:43 When Not To Trade Candlesticks

    Welcome 😀

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  5. Khadija Sutherland

    From my own point of view, I think it’s better to start trading as a beginner with an account manager, I have no idea in trading so I decided to invest with a professional trade manager.

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  18. Suresh Kumar

    Hi karen, ive question. The candlestick reversal pattern, does it work for retracement as well? Or completely change the market sentiment

    Quite new to your channel and learning about forex!

    1. Karen Foo

      Sometimes you’ll see market retracements or a complete change in trend.

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