Candlestick Charting 

2 Popular Candlestick Patterns To Trade Using Simple Price Action


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In today's video I am mosting likely to walk you via 2 Forex trade configurations which have formed on the day-to-day charts of the AUDCHF and also the AUDCAD.

We're taking a look at two rate action candle holder signals, the Doji outbreak pattern as well as the Rejection Candle Light Turnaround Signal.

I will demonstrate how I develop trades off these easy Forex profession signals utilizing some direct market analysis.

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8 Thoughts to “2 Popular Candlestick Patterns To Trade Using Simple Price Action”

  1. Dustin Manahan

    Thanks for the realism at the end. I still learned a lot from this video. Thank you!

  2. Vladimir

    Looking from this perspective candle on 21 april shows it is kind of a range and and since we got an inside day it pointed to long to me. Referring to both candles above 21 and 24 april and even the third one .a double inside day.Nice video good stuff to learn!

  3. rexton57

    the “washing machine” and the “spaghetti” put a smile on my face .. haha … anyway, just like dustin, i’ve learn something too. Thank you for making and uploading this video

  4. Mohamed Ismail

    Thank you dale for the good information

  5. Crypto BR

    Thanks for the great video.
    For those long term trades do you use leverage? and which day of the week and time of the day do see more often the big swing opportunities?

  6. Brandon Williams

    I knew you would get stopped out on that trade. You should have bought instead of selling…after an aggressive move to the upside, that’s a clue that bullish strength is coming in. And from that point, you need to look for a swing low so you can enter with the momentum.

    1. Andres Ordoñez

      Herе arе just а few of the kеу sеcrets insidееее my INCRЕDIBLE trading softwаre.==><<====<< Gооd strаtеgy>>> Trading Candlestick Revеrsаl and Breakout Patterns Using Plain Charts

  7. Howard Hill

    I’m curious why you didn’t move your stop loss down?

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