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8 Thoughts to “CANDLESTICK CHART | Technical|Equity | Commodity | Market | Tamil| NSE|Share|Aliceblue|Zerodha|CTA”

  1. Shahul Hameed

    All fine… Expecting a lot more in next chapter

  2. Sasi Kumar

    Super sir. Very useful waiting for next candle sticks, technically videos

  3. velmurugan k

    PL explain which indicator is best for intraday equity nifty bank nifty option next video PL post

    1. rajesh k

      Pls use bro awesome oscillator, in built in your char

  4. Muthu Krishnan

    Very nice simple and easy understand

  5. V Shankar

    Pls upload the next chapter before Monday……

  6. Aruna M

    Where to get this candle pattern? Or in which Web site can we get this candle stick patterns of stocks?

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