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Hammer Candlestick Patterns – Technical Analysis


Candlestick Patterns – Hammer Candlestick Pattern – Technical Analysis – Trading Approach

In this video clip, I review about a very common Candlestick pattern that happens regularly – Hammer Candle holder. I start up by taking essentials of Hammer Candlestick Pattern and afterwards carry on to Exactly how as well as When to use this pattern on Candle holder Charts for Swing Trading as well as Positional Trading.

I state two Pre-requisites for recognition of Hammer Candlestick Pattern, that is, Time loan consolidation and Price Retracement. Additionally, I describe why verification of Hammer Candle holder is incredibly essential and also without it one would certainly be subjected to Trading draw downs.

Ultimately, I detail out four steps that require to be followed to successfully Sell Supplies with Japanese Candle Holder Hammer Pattern.


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14 Thoughts to “Hammer Candlestick Patterns – Technical Analysis”

  1. ravi lathiya

    one video on MOMENTUM indicator

    1. Trade With Trend

      Sure Ravi. It’s already scheduled.


    one great thing i learnt today is that , one should see that in which situation the hammer pattern is formed and how to take an entry after confirmation of the hammer pattern.

    god bless you.

    1. Trade With Trend

      Thanks a lot.

    2. Trade With Trend

      Thanks a lot.

  3. ravi lathiya


    1. Trade With Trend

      Will check Ravi

  4. farhan akhtar

    Sir what does breakout mean.
    If the stock closes above previous high even just for one day, can this be considered breakout

    1. Trade With Trend

      It’s all about overall price context Farhan. Post the chart which is confusing you and I’ll then explain.

  5. Sarma Subrahmanyam

    How can we use this in Intraday?

    1. Trade With Trend

      Thanks for your comment

      Have you watched my videos on Intraday?

    2. Sarma Subrahmanyam

      @Trade With Trend No sir can you share the link please?

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