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Episode 160: How to Trade Heiken Ashi – Best Candlestick Patterns – Trading Strategy


There are numerous ideal candle holder patterns in foreign exchange trading however just a few deserve knowing. Each of them has specific significance and also tradable potential. One of one of the most helpful as well as an excellent technical analysis device is the Japanese Candle holder which typically known as Heiken Ashi. It typically shows up smoother, making the short-term trend much easier to see.

This trading technique video clip is created to show you exactly how to easily determine heiken ashi candle holders, where to put your quit loss and just how to exit effectively.

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19 Thoughts to “Episode 160: How to Trade Heiken Ashi – Best Candlestick Patterns – Trading Strategy”

  1. Trader 01

    Hi, Thank you very much for your videos.
    I am new to trading & Heiken Ashi charts.
    When do I know if it is a retracement or if it is a new trend to enter trade ?

    1. Trading with Venus

      It can be hard to know that at the moment. That’s why I look at exiting the trade after a couple of candles int he opposite direction then wait for the price reaction to key levels

    2. Sanjay Ramachandra

      Trader 01
      When you enter a trade after two clear bars preceeding each other, wait for one or two candle pullback in the opposite colour. If the trend is strong it will resume with the colour of your trade. If it meanders there about then exit the trade

  2. Bryan Arfstrom

    Hi Raman: Thank you for the good tips on Heiken Ashi Candlesticks….I am new at all this, have always liked these better! Now I know why! Have a great day!

    1. Trading with Venus

      You’re welcome Bryan! Thank you for the positive feedback šŸ™‚

  3. Luzaan Rock

    Hi thank you for your videos.
    I also want to know more about what Trader 01 asked.
    Would you please reply or provide more information please?

    1. Trading with Venus

      Hi Luzaan,
      you can just do a google search for heiken-ashi candles indicator and you’ll be able to find a free one online.

  4. Sudarshan Lade

    Could you please suggest me short term or 2 weeks holding strategy chart setting

    1. Trading with Venus

      Hi Sudarshan,
      Unfortunately I’m not the best person to offer suggestions on swing trading strategy as I’m more focused on day trading. However, I would suggest testing this strategy on a daily timeframe chart.

  5. Chris Emerald

    It is possible to automate this strategy to execute buy/sell orders 24/7. If you need help let me know. Good video.

    1. Trading with Venus

      Hi Chris,
      Can you please email me with some details on that. My email address is

  6. Steve Friedlander

    Venus, great video. my question is why do you want wicks on the bottom with red candles (down) and vice versa with blue? Normally, bottom wicks mean “buyers” have come in to support price.

    1. K M

      Hopefully Venus chimes in but the wicks don’t symbolize “true” support. They are limit orders that were filled from market orders. Traders set low ball buy orders/high sell orders and when traders panic sell or buy, those low ball orders are filled forming wicks. Correct me if i’m wrong Venus. Thanks

    2. Trading with Venus

      Hi Steve, Heiken Ashi candles are different. We want to see the wicks in the opposite direction of the move. So if price is in an uptrend, we want to see the wicks in the bottom or vice versa. Otherwise trend is not there and we’ll have to wait for the market to show it to us.

    3. Steve Friedlander

      Trading with Venus Iā€™m still confused. You said in an uptrend wicks at the bottom or vice versus. Not sure which is which. Thanks

    4. Steve Friedlander

      Trading with Venus Sorry, I just reread your message and I understand. Thanks

  7. Larry W

    How to you enter or exit the trade. Do you sell on the market in the beginning of the day or do you look at the chart and decide where you place your stop (and do you do that on the heiken ashi chart or candlestick chart

    1. Trading with Venus

      Hi Larry,
      I look for chart patterns at major support and resistance levels. I plan my entries, exits and stops around that

  8. Ted Feather

    nice videoVenus

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