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7 Thoughts to “Tweezer Tops & Tweezer Bottoms Candlestick Chart Patterns”

  1. mu5lim

    You sound like your bored

  2. Gary Tee

    Ditto lol …. thx for the info but you sound like yer gonna die soon ..lighten up and be happy mann.

  3. Amina Habib

    Thankyou, very helpful. 🙂

  4. Pranav Parikh

    Dear sir.
    I learn a lot from you videos Thanks a lot.short and simple information
    But sound is very low.
    special to listen you video i want to buy Separate computer speaker as even i had inbuilt speaker in my monitor which is not enough.

    So kindly take into consider and improve sound quality.


    Pranav Parikh

  5. NOBLE Xiong Boxer

    Thank you sirrrr. That was right on.

  6. Dylan Read

    Lighten up man good info but you sound terrible

  7. kvt nation

    What’s wrong man.

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