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Candlestick Patterns Bearish Signals / Three Black Crows


Candlestick Patterns Bearish Signals/ Three Black Crows

Market in up fad.
Three consecutive dropping black candle lights.
Each black candle light has a lower close.
Each candle light's open within or listed below the prior black real body.

Market Effects: Covering signal.

Resistance: High of the pattern.

Psychology: One black candle that closes at or near the lows is an unfavorable. 3 reveals the bears are running the show.

Market may be oversold considering that there may have been a considerable decline by the pattern's completion.
Each black candlehas to be long.
There ought to be little or no lower darkness for each candle light.
Reverse of 3 Progressing White Soldiers.

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  1. Hana

    is this supposed to be a setup for a long play or short?

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