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78 Thoughts to “Stock market plunges, but it’s not time to panic”

  1. Jaqen H'gar

    I wonder who Trump will blame for this.

    1. Marcellino Sananto

      Jaqen H’gar
      Everyone but himself

    2. carlsbadtuber


    3. Nathan meurett life

      Lost In The Sauce lol your a dumbass!

    4. KP 22

      Lost In The Sauce lmao he inherited a good economy lmaooo 21 trillion in debt and 150 billion handed to Iran aka isis, lol your the moron buddy, it’s 7 months now hope you opened your eyes oh and how is that Russia investigation going? The left is sucking money out of our pockets for what ? Fake news? And a fake investigation. Your all pathetic.

    5. Mark M

      Jaqen H’gar The administration “ you have the right to remain silent anything can and will be …………

  2. Glorious E

    Great, we’re headed for a depression 🤔 hold on to you’re pants 👖 😮🌺

    1. Thimble

      Glorious E let’s hope so… clean out the real swamp lmfao

    2. Eric Nick

      Glorious E That will finally wreak the republican and corporate democratic party. Ultimately trump is finished. Also the Simpsons predicted it.

    3. Arnold Slater

      Stocks just had their best day since 2016.

      Going into booming economic times, try to stay on the train of economic growth.

      Do you see the problem with trying to find a trend over 2 days of trading?

  3. G L

    Will the Cheetolini take credits for that too ?

    1. Hawks Fan

      Bowl Of Trumpflakes that ended in oct ya numb nuts.

    2. Eric Nick

      Bowl Of Trumpflakes I heard the opposite from your false prophet

    3. Timothy Foster

      Cheetolini. Lol good one

    4. Arnold Slater

      guillaume langlois

      Sure why not, now that the market is going back up.

  4. Inner Self 🌟

    And of course Trump is not tweeting about this.

    1. BrotherKnight

      Because Trump already knew the market was going to crash. He stated it before

    2. fenderfetish

      Got a link?

    3. Uber Hamster

      Happens everytime when he don’t keep his promises.

    4. Kyle Chambers

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    5. Adam SC

      RealityNews haha looks at stock market today LAUGHS LOUDER HAHA good try

  5. Loan TRAN-THANH

    Where’s Trump’s tweet on that subject?


      Loan TRAN-THANH ur brainwashed leave this country or get the purge outcome that will be once civil war started to remove all u traitor..u haven’t a clue of American history and ur perfect example of a brainwashed sheep

    2. elc

      Dank Memes Bruh Then why did you reply lol

  6. Sage of the East

    get ready for a new distraction or crazy tweet

    1. Crimson B Retrograde

      Kylie Jenner’s baby

    2. Crimson B Retrograde

      Kevin Hart acting a drunken fool at the super bowl

    3. Brian Knickerbocker

      His hair , It sure distracted the hell out of me.I pee myself a little every time I picture the wind on the back of his head. Jimmy Kimmel nailed it.

    4. Chris Morrissey

      Sage of the East is the gg

    5. Chris Morrissey

      Sage of the East is the g

  7. Jean Bonneau

    Trump just went on Twitter. He blamed Obama!

    1. REAl REAction

      You gave Obama credit for it doing so well… But now Say Trump is responsible for the economy? HAHA

    2. Jean Bonneau

      I guess some people didn’t realize this was a joke! Lol. However, Sean Hannity did actually blame Obama on his radio show. So I guess it was an accurate prediction!

    3. Mike Morgan

      Well was it not you liberals that said the economy is doing good because of Obama and you can’t change it overnight haha i guess now Obama had nothing to do with the economy right 😂 fucking idiot

    4. Courtney Durham

      I don’t even know if this is true, but I believe it.

  8. GGs

    Trump supporters want Change, and that’s exactly what they’ll have left in their pockets.

    1. Dan Ford

      They won’t even have that.

    2. Bob Tim

      smokingisgood4you you realize this is because our economy was doing too good right? Extremely good jobs report on top of high wage growth (something liberals fought for), and this “balancing” of the market was well expected. Trump is doing an amazing job in terms for our economy and the number prove it!

    3. Bob Tim

      Lucy Yin not once did i mention that Trump should get 100% of the credit. idk how you got that out of my comment😂


      check out decoding end times channel that guy knows what hes talking about and predicted this stock market crash

  9. Michael Dunson

    Now this is historic why isn’t Trump running to the mic and taking credit?

    1. Half-Blood Prince

      Baby Ray
      You don’t understand how hard this made me laugh

    2. Salt

      In before he blames Obama and the democrats for this LUL

    3. NC Styles

      He did. He’s blaming the Federal Reserve. They’re increasing interest rates to quickly.

  10. skilled person

    i urge every US citizen to activate a *survival mode*

    1. Angel Of Love

      skilled person I agree. I’m feeling another government shutdown will follow this as well

    2. John Doe

      I’m poor, always on survival mode.

    3. skilled person

      John, you are not poor, the poor who have money but enable to help other who don’t have. Stay safe

    4. skilled person

      Linley Armstrong, market correction don’t break long term trend line.

      this is a bubble burst due to derivative business model or should i call it “Weapons of Mass Destruction” – Warren Buffett” said.

  11. Ar. Bob

    Another record breaker for the dump. Never been a 2 day drop in the DOW this bigly,never folks,never

    1. Arnold Slater

      Didn’t have a stock market as high as today either.

      You are trying to compare things thru absolute values when such values do not take into account the difference in stock market value at different point of time.

      Compare it relatively with history and the drop is meaningless as it is not enough to determine a trend.

  12. Keith

    The Trump tax cut is looking more like a Ponzi scheme every day. Look at the market he kept saying…

    1. Infected_vader

      It’s about investors

    2. Mopar Muscle

      Keith Love: Wait… liberal democrats have been saying our current economy is due to Obama… So do you mean thanks Obama? Which is it now?

    3. Spiritual Anarchist

      Keith love :: blablabla….Trump said this, trump said that. Yes he says a lot while ruining the country. DOW up, or DOW down, No matter what happens, you keep telling us Trump shits gold., and is America’s savior. Just stop commenting for a while. This is getting to ridiculous.

    4. Keith

      Terry Fisher your spray tan God is dumb as dogshit with a micropenis and piss colored hair. He’s a failure in life and so are you.

  13. jed tattum

    will dump take credit for this?

    1. Tiberiu Zabara

      well of course not! You don’t know how liberals think? if the stock market grows is because of Obama if the stock market goes down is because of Trump

    2. ScoopMeisterGeneral


  14. [Insert Creative Name Here]

    Don’t panic? Just like 2008, huh?

    I’m grabbing popcorn…

    1. Carol Burnette


    2. DGX 660 Keyboards

      Recessions always happens. It happened in early 80s, early 90s, early 2000s, and in 2008. 2008 was a deep recession but that rarely happens. Most recession are mild.

    3. Courtney Durham

      I know right? They keep saying the economy is strong, and I’m like, but is it though? Nearly half of all American workers earn less than $30,000 a year. People are maxing out their credit cards and home equity just to live day to day. When all us peasants are maxed out, and it looks like we are, this whole thing is going to screech to a halt.

  15. Alonzo Castoire

    The crash has began.

    1. Jay Zee

      Alonzo Castoire The big crash is years to come, this is nothing

  16. Darrell Phillips

    I’m sure it’s Hillary or Obama’s fault…. 😈

    1. Eric Nick

      jeck jeck They don’t want touch us. Damage goods.

    2. karanick016 greece

      Darrell Phillips so when the stock market performes good it’s because of Obama but when it’s not it’s cause of Trump. He shouldn’t take praise all this time for the stock market but still if it was Obama’s stock market days ago why is it suddenly Trump’s today?

    3. goldenraven20

      It’s Greenspan, Bernanke, and Yellen’s fault (mostly). Congress hasn’t helped.

    4. James Christianson

      Many other PUPPETS are involved as well. They are all…. coming to a jail near you…. soon.

  17. maxglide

    As usual Trump will blame everyone else for the negative and take all the credit for the positive.

    1. Claude Barthy

      Trump did well, this bubble needed to burst otherwise it would have been even worst some years later. This guy is actually very smart.

    2. Thomas Ho

      Normally this guy love to run his mouth But this time he keeps so quiet you know what he messed up he had trade war with the whole world Thanks to a group of fucking Idiot around him

  18. edward woods

    What lead to the stock market plung.. Wages started an uptick.. Go figure I guess that 1.5 trillion tax cut that trump brags about was a con

  19. SAINT 65

    Will Rump take credit for this too??


      SAINT 65 ur brainwashed hope u die

  20. Technews

    Republicans are now blaming Obama for this, mark my words.

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