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U.S. Debt Bomb Exacerbating Stock Market Panic!


Stuart Varney FBN Interviews Jim Rickards 02.08.2018
James Rickards, Principal Global Strategist, Meraglim
Predictive Analytics

Meeting Subjects:
U.S. Financial Debt Bomb: 105% to GDP Ratio
Why are rate of interest really going up?
Rising Deficiency|Supply Sell Off|Market Crash
Got Gold? The Third Great Gold Bull Market
Why BITCOIN is going away

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28 Thoughts to “U.S. Debt Bomb Exacerbating Stock Market Panic!”

  1. Perma Bull

    Permissioned ledgers have existed for decades, you are missing the innovation here. Cryptocurrencies allow for trustless, decentralized value exchange on a distributed digital ledger. Payments cannot be censored, and the currency cannot be debased. That has *enormous* value for anyone who cares about liberty and sound money. The fees and speed will be worked out as the technology advances.

    1. blasteroid

      Perma Bull exactly it has tremendous value for humanity as a whole. this will put humanity in top gear.. and they know it.. they just don’t want the people to know it.

  2. 8wayspeed

    FUD He always only tells you have the story. Great to listen to his opinion though

  3. Jonathan Gerrish

    Nice job James 👍🏼

  4. alex j

    He’s not as right as Peter Schiff, but Jim speaks much truth, more so than most talking heads on other financial broadcasts.

    1. Akira Austin

      He speaks some truth. His facts about bitcoin are all wrong.

  5. green Caulfield

    Hope those minimum wage workers save their 1000 dollars in bonuses cuz they’re gonna need it in between jobs

  6. Akira Austin

    LOL $60 to send $50?? You can set the mining fee based on how quickly you want to send the transaction. Right now I’m paying under $1 to send $50 and it takes about an hour. AND criminals are not using Bitcoin because of KYC/AML compliance, which forces individuals to verify their identity when moving from fiat to bitcoin and vice versa. CASH is still the go-to method for criminal activity because it takes place off ledger.

  7. Adam Kallin

    Heard of the Lightning Network, Jim?

    1. J C

      Jim either does not understand why people prefer Bitcoin, or he’s understands, but is just talking it down.

      The main reason that normal people chose Bitcoin (and Ethereum) is because they are decentralised currencies and only depend on cryptography/math and people’s own responsibility. No central bank or big corporation having control.

      This comes as close as possible to a scarce token on a true market, only controlled by supply and demand.
      And people understand that this is what will protect value best.

      Intel/IBM can issue as many currencies as they want, but people that want to get away from big corporations and banks will stay as far as possible.

      Yes gold and silver retain value well, but you have to pay a huge premium when buying, as high as 40% for silver coins, where I live. Jim, it’s not a very good deal for me to pay $60 to buy a $40 silver coin, is it?

    2. Ash Thunor

      He clearly has an agenda against bitcoin.  He’s not stupid and is aware of this stuff.  He probably does like bitcoin because he sees it as a threat against gold.  And since he’s already warned everyone to get gold….To me it’s stupid though, as bitcoin and gold can work in tandemm.

    3. Rontimus

      No, it’s not a “scarce” token. New cryptos (and even better ledger technologies) will eventually take over bit”coin”. The “coin” in bitcoin, doesn’t exist. The technology is of course important, but the coin is an illusory hope currency. It’s not actually there.

    4. Rob F

      He has he debunks it. I’m not saying Jim is right but always look at why you can be wrong

  8. B 2

    When the collapse comes Jim’s hair will slide off the back of his head.

    1. John Smith

      R l 😂🤣

  9. kobra

    lol, donald trump would be in jail for crashing the usa.

  10. Evan McDonnal

    Good talk Jim. I would love to see you become a bit more educated about the technology of Bitcoin/blockchain however. I think if you had a better understanding of it you’d likely agree that the most probable market shake out has BTC and it’s core ledger as the primary underlying for all blockchain transactions. The transaction time and cost problem will be solved by ‘tier 2’ service providers, blockchain fundamentally as a software architecture was never designed to do that in the first place, mining is actually what provides security, not what processes transactions. Processing a transaction is like 4 of the simplest operations software can do, look up two references, subtract from one, add to the other, done in 2 milliseconds. Tier two services are necessary to provide the types of buyer assurances consumers are accustomed to and in doing so it also provides an opportunity for businesses to get a piece of the pie and solves the tx time/scaling problem.

    I can break down the investment in real capitol in the Bitcoin network (the mining hardware that provides security, the irreversibility of transactions) based on accurate data that is publicly available on services like and demonstrate how the network likely has $100B+ invested in it. Investment has gone up in 2018, I see this as a signal that smart money is betting on BTC still. Incumbents will not be able to overcome this network effect. Bitcoin mining hardware is still offering at least 2:1 on your money in a 1 year term with price in the $5,000-10,000 range so the economic incentive to invest in the network still exists and this ingenious game theory idea embodied elegantly in the Bitcoin protocol will allow it to maintain it’s position as the dominant pure value/currency crypto asset. Tier two services simply pool thousands and thousands of transactions together before committing them to the actual ledger, $60/10,000 is not a problem fees wise, there is no scaling issue what so ever, gdax is already doing this, $0.00 tx fees for customers. It’s called batching and the idea has been used to generally solve problems of this nature for decades in the software industry.

    On top of that, aside from one key innovation (running turing complete programs on Ethereum), pretty much everything worth mentioning in this space has been developed as part of the core bitcoin project. Most of the alt coins are cheap worse copies of BTC that can claim to have cheap and fast transactions simply because they haven’t reached this point in their growth where the inherent blockchain architecture can’t scale without sacrificing security. Once tier two solutions like the lightening network are broadly adopted alt currencies will have no value in comparison to BTC (excluding security, utility and privacy coins). You say IBM and Intel will corner the market. IBM bought a project called Stellar Lumens (XLM), this project disburses free XLM to BTC holders. Also, I heard on the Kizer report yesterday that Samsung would be making specialized mining products in the future, GPU’s with their memory are already coveted by non-ASIC miners so I wouldn’t count them out, they can probably give Intel a run for their money. Also AMD products have performed incredibly as compared to their costs, if their board had any brains at all they would embrace this and stop pandering to gamers. It’s the thing driving their stock price, not gamers, a market they never succeeded in anyway… People who don’t come from an engineering background should really just stop commenting on technology problems regarding crypto. Your top comment sums this up very simply “Heard of the Lightning Network, Jim?” but the talking heads are extremely ignorant of this or just have an agenda to perpetuate the sell off by spreading non sense about scaling in spite of the fact that they have no knowledge or experience with regard to the scaling of software applications.

  11. Shawn Pfeil

    Second-class advisors giving third class advice.

    If you invest in gold today it’s the same cost as it was 8 years ago approximately. Please explain to me the genius in this advice and then stop talking after you realize you’re not helping


    How many more companies will be leaving America , now that the Mexicans are being ran down and thrown out ??

    Just asking .

  13. 444

    The whole appeal of bitcoin is that it is permissionLESS. There’s no way Jim doesn’t understand this. Am curious why he has such an agenda against bitcoin.

  14. Qsi Consulting

    I dont respecr tjis guy anymore bc he espouses the same thing over and over and when hes wromg he cant admit it

  15. Submarine Veteran

    Bitcoin will drop to $1350 before shooting to $25k

    1. knpstrr

      Perhaps provide some reasons for your predictions. Technical analysis is not legitimate reasoning.

    2. Submarine Veteran

      knpstrr this isn’t a class room but just you watch the coin market cap it has already begun. Resistance has already broken south where it will try to regain itself again at 6k but it won’t. It will then break down below to 3k. It might consolidate there but I believe it will hit 1000ish k

  16. FilipinoFilipinaHeart. com


  17. knpstrr

    100% agree. Bitcoin is (essentially) worthless. The blockchain is very valuable.

  18. von volts

    just print the money lmao, Really? That’s the problem 2:21, they keep printing money left and right out of the blue, not backed by anything.

  19. Douglas Thompson

    He talked so fast I’m not sure what the heck he said!

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