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Don’t Panic!!!! The dollar and the stock market will collapse THIS WEEK Pt 1


Reinhardt expedition

His site is dark; now just reviews I Told You So;–RRB- 6 for 6

Ideal area to go over Reinhardt is either or I recommend you steer clear of from his real site awhile Tranquility

( If you're looking for reinhardt background, a great deal of his web pages remain in google cache – search for reinhardts journal (MONTH DAY )

He has openly declared Feb 9 as well as Feb 13 as the days of the next economic 'Occasion'.

He's big on cryptic articles

He also warned about dodgy things on Citigroups official annual report …
Citigroup Conceals Secret Meat in Balance Sheet:

What's he on about? These are tax obligation liabilities for the future. Either he's mentioning exactly how dodgy they are, or he's pointing out they stand to obtain Billions!

Legatus Video clip:


There is a weird connection right here to check out:

Likewise, they seem involved in Building both Ave Maria College as well as the community of Ave Maria, Florida.
Look At Google Earth – there's nothing there … Yet there are some very wonderful photos of the position on Panorama, and also the rectory. And also a pic of a really drunk teen revealing her knickers!

Reinhardt predictions on Sept 5:

Allows Take A Look At FEBRUARY and what REINHARDT has to claim.:.

Reinhardt Right Again (GM) (FORD):.

Last week's web page recommends UBS is in problem. The YouTube videos had a description of synthetic CDOs and also a clip from Battle Gamings. Done now, sorry i really did not order it – maybe someone else did?

Short article on synthetic CDOs:.

Artificial CDO's are complicated unfamiliar financial instruments (insurance coverage agreements) that get on the verge of causing "the most enormous civil liberties concern in the background of the world, all at once. required.".

The triggering of default on the trillions of synthetic CDOs might be a disaster that pointers the world from economic downturn into anxiety. No one knows, but it wont be a small occasion.

They [synthetic CDOs] have a selection of weaves, yet it generally goes something similar to this:.
if seven of the 100 reference entities default, the SPV needs to pay the financial institution a third of the money;.
if eight default, its two-thirds;.
and if nine default, the entire quantity is repayable.

Currently, reinhardts forecasts are around the banks. Think which ones are noted in most of the synthetic CDO?
the three Icelandic banks,.
Lehman Brothers,.
Bear Stearns,.
Freddie Mac,.
Fannie Mae,.
American Insurance Coverage Team,.
Countrywide Financial,.
Countrywide Residence Loans,.
General Motors,.
a lot of US house building contractors.

6 have gone already, if 1 more goes, it starts.
If 2 or 3 drop – then we are in a completely brand-new globe of pain.

It will get a great deal of capitalists. Towns, Companies, Charities, Contries and also Capitalists and also some smaller sized financial institutions. Cash will just disappear from their accounts.

Straight back to the financial institutions.

That's gon na take the hit? Places similar to this- Wisconsin Schools Stunned By Bad Financial Investment:.

Do you believe the federal government understands? OF COURSE THEY DO! That's why they are panicking!

BTW – This is the Seventh bank to fail in the US this year.
Regions Bank, Birmingham, AL, Obtains All the Deposits of FirstBank Financial Providers, McDonough, GA:.


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20 Thoughts to “Don’t Panic!!!! The dollar and the stock market will collapse THIS WEEK Pt 1”

  1. FeverIAm

    He has designed his message to appeal to the ‘treasure hunters’. when you connect the dots it is scary how accurate he can be.

    I do not know if it’s 100% – but it freaks me out. He is way smarter tham me; and I have only ever met 2 who are.


  2. FeverIAm

    Unlikely. Most of them don’t even know what they do – watch the youtube video for proof


  3. FeverIAm

    Don’t worry – it’ll be here in the morning (maybe)


  4. FeverIAm

    Mine were as well. But the details are awesome!


  5. FeverIAm

    Specify the week. His pages are dated by the start of the week

    Good Luck 🙂

  6. Narada Siri

    Great stuff, Mike. Thank a lot!!!

  7. FeverIAm

    It’s kept me awake fr days. He’s on to something real…

  8. FeverIAm

    Amazing it doesn’t appear on GoogleEarth!


  9. FeverIAm

    Enjoy! Wish I was so lucky 🙁

  10. nwosigns

    I love it! All the pieces of the puzzle, digging, questioning.

    Keep going 🙂

  11. FeverIAm

    Next vid is (FINALLY) up

    Nite nite

  12. FeverIAm

    …and they drive an ice cream van 🙂

  13. FeverIAm

    Yep, he’s the founder of Legatus

  14. FeverIAm

    Yeah, but I always said ‘reinhardt’ says.

    Anyway – Here it is in the guardian :
    guardian . co . uk/business/2009/jan/30/madoff-mercedes


  15. FeverIAm

    not quite like a video game this reality stuff eh?

  16. FeverIAm

    I promise… after Friday, assuming nothing has happened..


  17. FeverIAm

    Hi prediction for Feb 9 was an ‘event’ that triggers the fall. we assumed it would be on the market…


  18. FeverIAm

    I agree that Adam Smith’s interpretation has been corrupted. I enjoyed the term ‘Neo-Mercantilism’. That is precisely what we have.

    I will re-read Adam Smith this weekend 🙂

  19. FeverIAm

    Thanks for the compliment – I have aged well 🙂

  20. FeverIAm

    Tres chic – well in Sweden anyway LOL 🙂

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