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Don’t Panic!!!! The dollar and the stock market will collapse THIS WEEK Pt 2


Reinhardt expedition

His website is dark; currently just reviews I Informed You So;–RRB- 6 for 6

Finest place to go over Reinhardt is either or I recommend you stay away from his actual website awhile Peace

( If you're searching for reinhardt background, a lot of his pages remain in google cache – search for reinhardts journal (MONTH DATE )

He has openly proclaimed Feb 9 as well as Feb 13 as the dates of the next financial 'Occasion'.

He's big on cryptic posts

He also warned about dodgy products on Citigroups official annual report …
Citigroup Hides Mystery Meat in Annual Report:

What's he on concerning? These are tax obligations for the future. Either he's explaining how dodgy they are, or he's pointing out they stand to gain Billions!

Legatus Video:


There is a weird link right here to take a look at:

Additionally, they seem involved in Building both Ave Maria College and the town of Ave Maria, Florida.
Look At Google Earth – there's absolutely nothing there … Yet there are some extremely wonderful images of the place on Scenic view, and the rectory. As well as a photo of a very intoxicated teenager revealing her knickers!

Reinhardt predictions on Sept 5:

Lets Check Out FEBRUARY and what REINHARDT needs to state.:.

Reinhardt Right Again (GM) (FORD):.

Last week's web page suggests UBS remains in problem. The YouTube video clips had an explanation of artificial CDOs and also a clip from Battle Games. Gone now, sorry i really did not grab it – perhaps someone else did?

Short article on artificial CDOs:.

Artificial CDO's are intricate unfamiliar monetary instruments (insurance policy contracts) that are on the edge of activating "one of the most colossal rights concern in the background of the world, simultaneously. required.".

The triggering of default on the trillions of synthetic CDOs could be a disaster that pointers the globe from economic downturn into anxiety. Nobody understands, however it wont be a small event.

They [artificial CDOs] have a variety of twists and turns, however it typically goes something like this:.
if 7 of the 100 reference entities default, the SPV needs to pay the financial institution a third of the cash;.
if eight default, its two-thirds;.
as well as if 9 default, the whole amount is repayable.

Currently, reinhardts forecasts are around the financial institutions. Presume which ones are detailed in the majority of the artificial CDO?
the three Icelandic financial institutions,.
Lehman Brothers,.
Bear Stearns,.
Freddie Mac,.
Fannie Mae,.
American Insurance Team,.
Countrywide Financial,.
Countrywide Home Loans,.
General Motors,.
a great deal of US residence building contractors.

Six have actually gone already, if 1 even more goes, it starts.
If 2 or 3 drop – after that we remain in a totally new globe of pain.

It will get a great deal of financiers. Communities, Business, Charities, Contries as well as Capitalists as well as some smaller banks. Money will just disappear from their accounts.

Straight back to the financial institutions.

That's gon na take the hit? Places such as this- Wisconsin Schools Surprised By Bad Investment:.

Do you think the government recognizes? OF COURSE THEY DO! That's why they are panicking!

BTW – This is the Seventh bank to stop working in the United States this year.
Regions Financial Institution, Birmingham, AL, Gets All the Deposits of FirstBank Financial Providers, McDonough, GA:.


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  1. FeverIAm

    It took forever to upload. Friday night internet effect. Hope you got to see the whole thing!


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    I am aware of the holes. Long overdue I filled them in.


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    I never said I believed. It is however an interesting turn; and I do so like mysteries!

    We shall see…


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    Good luck with that 🙂


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    We’d love to hear! On the way you can get some food in from the supermarket?


  6. FeverIAm

    that’s amazing 20 more states! Wow… things are happening pretty fast now.


  7. FeverIAm

    I almost always use Economic Collapse as a tag. Search for that.


  8. FeverIAm

    R – what did the 5 say to the 6? “seven ate nine”


    liked that one!


  9. FeverIAm

    If you believe the CT, they’re been building up to this moment for centuries


  10. FeverIAm

    Ahhhh. interesting idea. Let’s keep watching for Tomorrow!


  11. FeverIAm

    And he just bought into Swiss Re – must know their exposure is OK…

  12. FeverIAm

    Depends on the “bank” it goes to – and through what channels


  13. FeverIAm

    Oh he’s having fun today; he’s brought back the ‘before Enron’ pages for the newbies 🙂 I like!

  14. FeverIAm

    Read the linked article on “synthetic CDOs.” As I read it, they are different to CDOs. I am only going on that info…


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    Naaaah – you ain’t seen me drunk!

    I tend to do odd things like climb the outside of buildings when I’m drunk LOL 😉


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    Study “synthetic CDOs’ – look at the article I linked. It takes a little reading, but I’m sure you’ll ‘get it’


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    Spotted this when I got up this morning


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    I know, i’m watching… let’s see where it goes.


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    The week is not over – Please remember my comments in the video are MY interpretation of information I saw.


  20. FeverIAm

    It is accelerating. Do me a favour and chart it on a log chart…


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