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Panic Buying The Stock Market Is Going On Right Now


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There has actually been some panic getting taking place in the securities market these previous 2 months. Allows talk about the stock market panic buying. Appreciate! Numerous supplies have definitely increased the previous 45 days along with the Dow 30, S&P 500, Russell 2000, and Nasdaq.
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48 Thoughts to “Panic Buying The Stock Market Is Going On Right Now”

  1. Brian Reyes

    This is good for the stock market… short term though.

    1. Pablo Alejo

      well, if you can take the costs until they actually fall…

    2. Brian Reyes

      Who knows, maybe it will be going up even more. China deal, going good could be positive for the stock market.

    3. Pablo Alejo

      @Brian Reyes Oh I thought you were talking about shorting… But yeah, i guess until trade & Brexit are settled, things will start materializing for good or bad.

  2. Spicer Capital - Invest Smarter

    Yeah, retail investors definitely do “panic” a lot …but you’re right: when it’s the fund managers that are doing it, it’s much more noticeable! They have so much more power to swing the entire market!

  3. Dionisio Theodoropoulos

    You know it’s no good when the hood is up.

    1. Sy Guzman

      LOL, Dionisio 🤣

    2. samodelkiin2

      That Alfa Romeo hoodie is a secret sign to buy Fiat Chrysler stock!!! It’s been a great value play for people who got in a couple of years ago!

  4. Crypto Daws

    1:45 ok on one of your old vids u talked about hedge funds selling and getting out and u called them “dumb” and now they are buying and they look “dumb” I say they are doing pretty decent.

  5. Polar Finance

    Nice to see the markets up. I’m glad we are past December!

  6. Anne Noir

    I’m waiting for VIX to be great again

    1. Rene Meneses

      Short the VIX!

  7. The Homie

    3:03 child scream

  8. Lycan Thorpe

    Just bought me some KO stock

    1. A E

      @Jesse B Did you watch the video? Maybe. Did you understand? No 😉

    2. Grandma's Sloppy 69

      Ewww. Buy big cola.

    3. Lycan Thorpe

      @Jesse B same reason why i buy things on clearance

    4. The Next Kong Hee

      If it’s undervalued – excellent! Is it?

    5. Devon Hayes

      I live in North Carolina so I own Pepsi stock

  9. The Monk Way - Stock Market Videos

    That sure was a quick rebound, this is a good chance to keep more cash at this point which is what I’m doing.

    1. Julio Lopez-Abreu

      Yes, I agree, volatility is increasing in the start market; I will keep a larger portion of my portfolio in cash just in case.

    2. Curtis Tiffner

      Yeah it was a little too fast, I was hoping to keep buying a little more, but within a month it’s getting tougher to find a deal.

    3. Investing Genius

      There is alot on the calander for the coming months, brexit, china, slow in earnings, perhaps the fed stepping back in, it’s not going to dip 50 % on negative news but most of the gains right now wil be wiped away if some of those turn the wrong way. I’m already invested, but i’m holding a bit of cash on the side lines for those events. 😎

    4. Curious Sand

      When you think about it, the US stock-market in particular looks like one giant Ponzi scheme. Also shows that that money is in abundance, people feel foolish holding the cash for zero interest rate, so they are instead participating in the Ponzi scheme …. which will eventually tank, but it will take some time and like cryptocoin it will defer logic. It will be a game of chicken …

  10. Investing Book Summaries

    And I’m over here just relaxing

  11. Niko Kritikos


  12. Palmetto Prepared

    There has been NOOOOOO volume this last month and some change. How can we get back up to 26k with zero volume??? Makes no freaking sense

    1. Palmetto Prepared

      @Tony Sanchez AMD is one of the most popular stocks to short. 65 day average volume: 100 million. Volume today: 53 million. Been doing that for weeks now. Used to be over 120 million last year easy

    2. Momentimum

      It’s called idiots. Sell some now so you can buy more later.

    3. Darth Reflectz

      volume is important, but only to an extent. It really only matters what people are willing to pay for the stock. Lower volume at the moment just means a transition from highly volatile periods to a lower volatility. All of those shares bought at the bottom of the panic selling are being held at the moment, not traded, which makes sense to do.

    4. Rene Meneses

      Keep in mind that if the market is going up without volume it means that there are not much sellers either

  13. Johnny Boy

    When people are panic buying I am selling when people are panic selling I am buying

    1. StudentsOfMoney

      People tend to panic buy at low points in the market so make sure not to move out of a position to fast it may cost you money. I agree with the idea of buying during a panic sale but selling during a panic buy is not the best idea if people are panic buying it is because the markets are low and you probably have an undervalued stock. Wait for that price to reach equilibrium with the market again.

    2. Blackpilled Saint

      Young Investors true I lost a lot of money by selling my Boeing stock too early 🙁

    3. Devon Hayes

      Good boy$$$$

    4. Nathaniel Freed

      @StudentsOfMoney undervalued yet companies are forecasting slower growth, global economy is slowing, we hit the worst Q4 numbers in over a decade in the US?…the market is priced to perfection here. People are going to get hurt when it pulls back for consolidation. 9 weekly bars each with a higher low than the last. This is unsustainable.

    5. DJ Zach

      Smart, very smart

  14. Omg Beast mode

    Be panic while everybody greedy, be greedy while everybody panic, time to sell guys

  15. Samuel Herkimer

    Haha all these geniuses were waiting for a 50 % crash before buying in now they missed out on a huge rally

    1. SmlWng123

      To be fair, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Who knows what will happen tomorrow or next month.The same “geniuses” who missed out on today’s rally might cash in from tomorrows crash. You never know.

    2. Samuel Herkimer

      SmlWng123 timing the market is a fools game the real money for the average investor is in buy and hold in my opinion

  16. MattFromRVA

    Love this. Bought lots of stocks during the last panic sell. Now I’m enjoying the ride 🙂

  17. Michael

    I’m pretty mad I missed the Apple drop in December

  18. Investing Robinhood Investor

    Don’t let your emotions affect your investing! Don’t panic buy/sell

    1. StudentsOfMoney

      I agree have a plan and stick to it.

  19. Nikhil Ghelani

    What happened to that dude who bought 7 mils worth of FB stock.

  20. uda kc

    LOL. Hedge Funds playing tag… once again, great analogy jeremy!

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