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58 Thoughts to “U.S. Stock Market Drops 1000 Points! CHAOS and PANIC In After Hours Trading!”

  1. The Money GPS

    1000 point drop in the Dow futures! We are near the point of erasing ALL of the gains from 2018. Do you think this will get worse?

    1. John Doe

      I’m learning it isn’t what I think but what I feel that matters. I felt like I should have bought those Oct 285 puts at 50 cents but thought better of it. Now they are at 8 bucks.

    2. Matt McCracken

      Yes, provided the Fed continues to raise rates and empty its balance sheet.  If the Fed does not, it risks inflation.

  2. Phillip J. Fry

    Nikkei is almost at 1000 points as well.Some panic is starting to show up here in Japan.

    1. Phillip J. Fry

      Aaaand we crossed 1000 points.ALL HELL HAD BROKEN LOOSE

    2. Mark Drinkwater

      Whole market is correlated, all eggs in 1 basket.

  3. John O

    Tomorrow might trigger the computers.

    1. Mgtow Farmer

      That would be pretty awesome

  4. SHadow Banned

    Interesting that gold barely moved and silver actually dropped.

    1. D Walker

      silver and gold both up today on my charts

    2. Mark Drinkwater

      interesting.. historically sp and gold have 0 correlation. it is amazing that gold and silver are so low. well good for us time to buy them, and the ultimate buy signal is to wait for the newspapers to say sell silver and gold

    3. StopThisIsBatCountry

      like 2008 after the lehmann crash, gold and silver price was hammered down, but physical supply was thin. you might need to pay a large premium despite low spot prices.

    4. Tyler D.

      I am becoming more and more convinced that 2008 crash is not the blue print of whats to happen this time. Everyone expects gold to go up but fail to realize they can manipulate it downwards just like everything else thats rigged

    5. John Henrik Bergene

      Intothefire, is it manipulation when nobody buys an asset? lol

  5. burdickd2

    We may not see a (global) economic crisis? We may just see small bubbles pop from now on, like a boiling stew!

    1. Adrian Segura

      And that’s an economic crisis lol

    2. Wak Cackle

      OK, what have we been watching for the last ten years? Please include the debts and price of money/debt in your analysis.

    3. MonaRitaMedia

      Great description

    4. ElectroSceptic

      mmm crisis stew

  6. kiwigal

    Quote possibly in 25 years Apple will be like Kodak.

    1. The Atlantean

      I doubt it

    2. Hariadi Setjo

      World war 3 would have happened by then. Means returning to old values.

    3. kiwigal

      @Hariadi Setjo With the pace of technology today 25 years will see massive leaps forward. Unless as you say we have a major disaster that destroys technological advances.

    4. StopThisIsBatCountry

      you can’t eat an iphone. you can’t use it to plow a field. you can’t even use it as compost.

    5. SpS SkyE

      @StopThisIsBatCountry exactly!

  7. Jimmy b747

    you have tried to tell people for a long time this market and housing market is, toast. great video keep up the good work thank you

    1. P Gray

      for a long time???? how long, just a few months ago i made 50K in the housing market. So what time frame are you talking here.

    2. The Alternative

      50k, 1 mill, 10 mill but that doesnt matter. Trends and cycles you need to understand them. In order to keep making money. You literally cannot put a date on it due to the level of manipulation and he even says it in his videos, but it will come, signals have been popping up everywhere. But please buy more houses and put all your money in the DOW and other stocks. Please. I’ll happily buy your houses off you at 40% off. Whilst you default on your loans 🙂

  8. Butch Aa

    Is this red october? I seen alot of people saying about red october

    1. Thyalwaysseek

      Red October is Q bullshit, this is just a bump, the economic collapse won’t happen before the midterms.

    2. StopThisIsBatCountry

      insiders with lots of meat in the stake need to sell before that, or they won’t get out. thats why selloff is starting now.

  9. Chiefly Chieftain

    You better sell your seven shares of Amazon while you still can.

    1. Delimon007

      What idiot would buy a stock that is overvalued to such an extent that a drop in stock price could be seen by a blind person?

    2. Mr No Name

      Well, if you got those 7 shares a few years agao you can still make a proffit.

    3. StopThisIsBatCountry

      only if you sell and you are not frozen like a deer looking at the approaching headlights.

    4. Bezo 816

      Does he get to keep the “ham sandwich?” 😂😂😂😂

    5. edit name


  10. Mgtow Farmer

    Just some central banks doing the insider trading. Nothing to see here.

  11. jab16399

    The central banks print money and buy stocks. People getting smarter to the joke that is the stock market.

  12. The Blind Bluesman

    Confidence in the global economy is finally failing, and every economy runs on it…

    1. Squash Ua

      There is no con without the confidence of the people

  13. The Atlantean

    This was probably caused intentionally, same as other crashes where they started selling stock en masse to cause a panic. Then buy everything up once it’s hit bottom.

    1. Tucker

      The market is rigged

  14. Harry Bloom

    Following your channel and others for sometimes, I understand that it all starts now! People are going to get hurt and my heart is bleeding! Stay safe people!

    1. McPero

      Let see how this ages

  15. Mikey

    Currently, the Asian stock markets are even worst. The Nikki is down more then 1,000 points(4.1%). Hang Seng down 996 points(3.8%). Shanghai down 118 points(4.3%).

    1. Sarvesh Rao

      Sensex down 800 points but due to market sentiment hurt by trump comment on federal reserve

    2. udomiel arwen

      Don’t forget that China is a communist/socialist country. Its stock market has nothing to do with the economy. That is just a casino for them, and no Chinese even cares about it at all.

  16. Ianis S

    Congrats. After ~10 years you’re right. And we’re all going to suffer.

  17. Tucker

    The first very important fact normal people who enter the market have to understand is The market is rigged, not just a little bit but totally rigged

  18. Neon

    11/11 is the date , i am pretty sure , be prepared

  19. Creating Julie Silversmyth

    Interest rates must be the trigger… I’m finally getting 1.9% on my savings. Yay😐

    1. The Money GPS

      Maybe we’ll go back to 1980 days!

  20. Free Surfer

    finally after 7 years of preaching, you finally got it right.

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