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Stock Market CRASH as Deflation Begins! China Blamed for Panic Selloff!


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" Dow Dives 531 Factors in Worldwide Selloff – WSJ"

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" Apple gets in bear territory; technology stocks crushed"

" Signs of panic-like marketing might be a temporary favorable for the Dow industrials – MarketWatch"

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" These Charts Show How Difficult China Has Actually Struck Global Markets – Bloomberg Service"

" Oil endures longest once a week losing streak because 1986 – MarketWatch"

" My Method News – Sinking currencies point to jitters concerning emerging economic situations"

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36 Thoughts to “Stock Market CRASH as Deflation Begins! China Blamed for Panic Selloff!”

  1. Frank

    thank you so much for your time frank j. panarelli 111

    1. The Money GPS

      It’s an honour to bring this out.

  2. Simon Potter

    It’s a great video. really informative.

    1. The Money GPS

      Thank you for watching.

  3. Elaine H

    Thank you appreciate your work!

    1. The Money GPS

      Thank you for watching!

  4. Simon Potter

    I agree can’t wait for monday!

    1. Mr99RICH99

      Markets will rise over 200 points Monday …my prediction …they will not let another down day 3 days in a row

    2. Simon Potter

      Hope so. Like to see metals lower.

    3. joestan77y

      @Mr99RICH99 All depends on how China acts Sunday night. They drop—we drop. People get margin calls. FORCED SELLING. We’ll see.

    4. Simon Potter

      Exiting times coming.

    5. Planet Bob

      @Simon Potter It’s Monday and the FTSE dropped nearly 5% but the DOW seems to be doing OK, mmmn I wonder who is manipulating figures?

  5. Timothy Shelsea

    This has been brewing for a very long time. The whole world is on fire while most people are sleeping. Normalcy bias reigns supreme. The global economy IS already collapsing and there will soon be war.

    1. The Money GPS

      The sheep sleep well at night on a full stomach from their food stamps.

    2. Jonesy View

      @The Money GPS ~ Author Exposing the Truth Don’t forget many people who are in jobs that should pay a decent amount are on food stamps, I don’t think people being on food stamps is related to intelligence that’s just the propaganda that the press has always pushed out.

  6. Marie Joy

    If you can, stock up on food, drink, supplies, fuel, meds, heirloom seeds, a source of heat such as solar power or a wood stove and a lot of wood or both. JWR says redundant redundancy on survivalblog dot com

  7. Derek 1300

    Thank you for this info!

    1. The Money GPS

      You’re welcome!

  8. WolfenGod82

    I don’t comment often but I do very much appreciate your videos, you have been on the mark constantly with your information. Thanks for all the time you put in to your channel and videos.

    1. The Money GPS

      I appreciate your kind words. Thank you.

    2. WolfenGod82

      in my opinion have money on hand regardless of which country you live in as all collapses cause bank runs and the warning lights are flashing that the collapse is happening across the whole world. but more important than currency is food, water, and a way to defend your self. also physical gold and silver are probably useful to have in the near future.

  9. Tom Bell

    Thanks David,
    Great work as always.

    1. The Money GPS

      Appreciate you watching.

    2. Tuckdaman11

      What is a normal loss for the stock market in one day?

  10. Alain Carpentier

    Thank you so much David for the work you put in, I truly appreciate. Please keep up. J’adore .

  11. meatandbeer

    it’s not chinas fault. it’s the feds fault

    1. Crimson Arrow

      @BruceBlitzHasTits Good

  12. Barbra C

    You’re doing a great job,in my opinion, thank you. I love the occasional sarcasm, too 🙂

  13. Malx IX

    As one of your subscribers, I always check your videos and I found them very informative. Thank you sir and may you be safe always.

  14. Aaronious

    I really enjoy your videos. They’re highly informative without all the emotion of the >other guys< out there. Keep trying to wake people up, there are plenty of us out there that sincerely appreciate you insights and opinions.

  15. midway27272727

    well done, another great video with a lot of info !

  16. GrizOfLafayette

    As always thank you for your daily reports. I seriously look forward to them all the time.

  17. manny salmon

    Thank you for posting this.. cheers

  18. Bart Simpson

    I learned a lot from your videos so keep up the good work!!

  19. Iris Chong

    Thank you for the information take care Blessing

  20. Warren

    Love your work!

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