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Stock Market Panic Will Send Investors Into Ripple XRP


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Please note:
I am not a qualified monetary expert. All videos on this channel are meant for amusement purposes just. You should deny, offer, or invest in any possession based on what I say in these video clips. You need to know that investing carries severe risks. You can lose your entire investment. This is not trading advice and I remain in no other way liable for any kind of losses incurred.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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58 Thoughts to “Stock Market Panic Will Send Investors Into Ripple XRP”

  1. JKH

    Just added a bit more to my stacks πŸ™‚ GO XRP!

    1. CK *

      XRP will pull back alot or Will SKY ROCKET maybe all banks may just stop temporarily or longer… The ushering in of a new era could be broadcast on Trumps emergency channel with good news the USA will be using Ripple.

  2. Thinking Crypto

    HODL XRP!!

    1. XRP - S0L0

      Tony and DAI are the “Gold Standard” when it comes to providing XRP informations via YouTube. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    2. BigR Adz

      XRP – S0L0 Throw in some Cobb, Jungle, and Logic and you got the perfect financial salad..

    3. XRP - S0L0

      @BigR Adz … To me, Cobb and Jungle are like buddies, drinking at a bar talking Cryptos/XRP. DM is like my preacher, keeping me in check. Crypto Eri is my “Gold Standard” information from Japan/Asia. And the Crypto Twins.. lol. When I want to LMFAO, they are the ones to watch. 🀣🀣

    4. Jordan Hunter

      @Rex 007 Why won’t we get to sell?

    5. Bbysxmi

      Shout out to all the XRP community( XRP )=EXTREME RICH PEOPLES

  3. chisme121

    Since the indices markets became to drop earlier today I just been waiting for you to put a video out bro!!!!! DAI IS LEGENDARY!!!

    1. eXtRemely Potent

      What happened?!

  4. BRIX

    The calm before the XRP storm!

    1. Jake Nangle

      Except we’re still going down, so it’s kinda more like a ramp. It goes down down up real high.

    2. XRP Analyse

      i hope dude ^^

  5. jakub binkowski

    Ignition sequence start…XRP Love it πŸ˜€

  6. 5484Danny

    Your videos have become part of my daily routine Sir. Please keep them coming..

    1. Young Jizzle

      i feel you there..

    2. TDP

      Yip, same here. πŸ‘πŸ»

    3. Hizenbird

      Here’s a tip: You’d be better off playing this crossword puzzle everyday instead of watching these videos everyday.XRP will do what it’s going to do. Just HODL and check back in 2-5 years., listen to some Jim Rohn videos daily. Your life will be much better.

  7. doug

    xrp the answer 2020 world financial crisis trump to sign in act to help other countries avoid china debt trap xrp Is the answer

    1. Big Mungo

      If that does happen then 20k XRP won’t be life changing, 1k XRP or less will be life changing.

    2. Chamma Kumaari

      so what’s you price prediction by 2020?

    3. doug

      I believe we could see bitcoin all time high prices or even higher … reasonably … plus coin burn off rate .. to help avoid inflation

    4. HomeValue Glass

      Where do you get your info, sounds interesting.

    5. doug

      @HomeValue Glass vice president pence announced it yesterday on al news

  8. Kristijan Tavcar

    Chinese AI trading bots own the market at these volumes. Its like playing Chess with AlphaZero Ai. Big investments will come with regulations only. 2019 will be a deciding year. Xrp must decouple fom BTC completely. Its a fact that 80% of global hash power is in China and god knows how much BTC they have on stock. So till now they control the whole crypto market consequently. Dont get me wrong I am a long term XRP hodler. Let the force be with us!!!

    1. HomeValue Glass

      Dang, good point

  9. Garlic Brad

    Woo hoo! Coffee and DAI, my day has started off on a good foot

    1. Vasileios Kozakidis

      lol your avatar is funny

  10. Seti Sabino

    gold and silver also a good investment

    1. Nicholas Smith

      Silver is gonna roll

    2. Truthseeker V

      They won’t let it. They control the prices of gold and silver with futures contracts and other derivatives. They have been supressing it for years. They want people buying crypto after they have their positions.

    3. Sun

      well, since I started working the price of Aurum was much, much higher than it is actually today and within years it has lost its value

    4. Nunya Bizness

      Historically silver is 1/16th the price of gold. Silver is severely unvalued…

    5. danstylus1

      During a crash yes but they have been caught out surpressing the price of silver lately

  11. jay D

    my wife said I was saying your opening intro in my sleep last night

    1. Danny Johnson

      jay D ,you must have xrp, fever😁

    2. Young Jizzle


    3. Nathan Williams

      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that’s awesome!! i was dreaming about XRP the other night 😱
      mild obsession lol

    4. HomeValue Glass

      That’s awesome

    5. Neen


  12. Socal Sean

    i just sold my car to get XRP

    1. J. C.

      Wow dont be silly…. how much was that?

    2. Sell the Dip

      you will be able to buy 19 cars.

    3. Troy N

      Might be able to buy 589 cars actually

  13. Joe Farrow

    Exactly what Iv been saying from years now. The dollar is the biggest fraud in history and it won’t last. Interest has and always will have consequences. I love this channel because it speaks my mind. Thanks for all the help and support brother ❀️

  14. Mark Welch

    Great information keep getting the knowledge out there. I am have committed to purchasing $50 per week of XRP in Hope’s of averaging down. And reaching 2500xpr if not surpassing it before the moon

    1. Mark Welch

      @Sun I agree 100% just want enough to be completely debt free and possibly get some investment properties

    2. roy hoenderdos

      Am buying too little by little am on 1700 now i wish i could by way more

    3. Malfesch

      2500 was my initial goal, but once i got there I just wanted more. I think as long as it stays under $1 we just keep adding to our stacks….after it hits $1 just let it ride and watch for another one to dollar cost avg into

    4. danstylus1

      I think you’ll all do just fine!

    5. Kick Nimble

      At 3100 now.. been slowly adding to it tho πŸ‘

  15. Crypto Cougar

    You had me laughing… “These are not people who travel in groups of stupid people.” It got me thinking! You don’t know how funny you are sometimes DAI:)

    1. ninevolt

      Hey sometimes I like to hang out with groups of stupid people at bars πŸ˜›

  16. Eduard Esrever

    In addition to all you said, I’d love to see trading bots outlawed.

  17. XRP Vampire

    XRP will make 401k’s a thing of the past!

  18. Mikey Cegs

    If cryptos rise in recession…. With inflation… Wouldn’t the price basically remain level? Meaning not worth as much since the dollar is devalued?

  19. Javon Wells

    “…Second largest endowment…globally…”

    That’s all of that Skull & Bones money. Lol

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