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Today we need to have a chat concerning Elon Musk said in an interview the Tesla may get GM plants! This allows news for Tesla if the did obtain any one of the GM shuttered plants. Tesla will likely require more manufacturing space in the future for Model Y plus the Tesla vehicle and also perhaps even Design 3.

We need to additionally talk about the stock exchange as well as if we are seeing a securities market panic yet. The Stock market fell hard again today with many stocks down 3% or even more.

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  1. Positive Investing

    I saw the news on Tesla and GM… may be a good idea for them to take over the Canadian plant here 😁

    1. David Cadman

      this would be a grt move for Tesla in selling cars in Canada, and exporting to Europe through the east coast ports or even Toronto. This would be on a par with the China factory shipping to SEA countries

    2. mustang94299

      Never going to happen, Tesla doesn’t have the orders to keep two plants running.

    3. dave houston

      Doubt that will happen

    4. Clayton Root

      The Canadian plant in Oshawa, Ontario consistently produced the HIGHEST Quality products in GM’s portfolio. Likewise with Honda Civics produced in Alliston, Ontario, Canada and Toyotas produced in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. That country has highly skilled workers. TRUMP might not even be unhappy with such a move to Canada as he doesn’t give a crap about electric cars anyway.

    5. mustang94299

      Clayton Root, so what that the Oshawa plant builds the best quality cars in GM portfolio. What’s your point?

  2. NYC/LA Trader

    Stocks are getting so low that I am starting to do more investing rather than trading. That is very rare for me

    1. tigeroll

      Don’t ride it down too long and far. We’re less than half way down from the top.

    2. Matt Roy

      @James Pitts You’re thinking of going in now? I took a long position yesterday and put a bid that didn’t fill. For the most part I’m still holding off.

    3. Mikael Hyytiäinen

      @OoWINDEXoO And what if there’s a corporate debt crisis coming and record long recession with inflation = stocks would be almost permanently / for a lifetime be priced half of what they are now? Then you might break even when you are retired… Anyway, one of the safest BUYs short term are some leverage bear certificates / put options, now that death crosses everywhere in all charts and indexes.

  3. Crypto Daws

    Ok let’s be real Robin Hood is the most expensive app ever download jeez I’m mean at casinos 🎰 we at least get free stuff

    1. Kami O

      Why do you say it’s expensive ?

  4. John Trantzas

    Market is ready to fall off a cliff and Tesla is trading at its all time highs. That says it all

    1. Financial Education

      lol crazy stuff

    2. John Trantzas

      It is. I love Tesla and what they are doing. Bulllllllish 🤑🤑🤑🤑

    3. Timberwolf

      …and TSLA is a luxury product, in a bear market usually these stocks get hit hard.

  5. Erin B

    There is no China deal 🤣 Trump lies 🙄

    1. Erin B

      Kim Wallace 🤣

  6. Hybrid Bangers Gang Gang


  7. serge quick

    2018 is 2000 all over again. Lol everyone buying cheap shares lol not cheap when QQQ goes to 100

  8. rukawa121

    No one say anything when market rally 100%,200%,300%, from 2008. When market is down 10%, wow, there is great value in the stock market now. Stocks are cheap. Lol

  9. alex stewart

    take a shot every time jeremy increases an estimate number in increments of 10 or 100

  10. Sir Percival

    OHIO ! The closed Chevy Cruise Plant would be PERFECT !

  11. Kroatoan Eight-Four

    Hmmmm….legacy automaker closing plants and laying off workers while a start-up that is so villified in media thinking of buying the plant and creating jobs all the while a presidrnt wanting to end electric car incentive in order to kill Tesla Inc…! Change happens but i never thought it will be this quick. Kudos to the outlier i.e. Elon Musk.

  12. Avg. Joe Watch Reviews

    Elon Musk wouldn’t say something just to say it….

    Funds are secured and sell off target at 420.

    1. F Maz

      Yeah, seriously, how little does Jeremy thinks about what he says?

  13. Joseph Stenzel

    I like the 2019 alfa romeo advertisment. Must mean your actually doing pretty well. Ive never had that ad…

  14. Malibu 340

    The selling has only just started folks .

    1. James McKinney

      Let me borrow your crystal ball.

  15. Scott

    Is it panic, or is it algorithm? Maybe it’s Maybelline.

  16. X-FATBOY Lifestyle

    I haul for tesla now… They’ve been backed up for months on car delivery to the east coast….. They NEED IT NOW

  17. Mike W

    Stop flipping my flapjacks Jeremy

  18. Marek Špot

    I love your drawings, man. Love ´em! 🙂

  19. #california

    There was a sell off in tech stock in december 2017th around this same time, markets went up toward the end of the month

  20. izyreal0411

    Hey Jeremy, I have a question that continues to float in my mind. Do you believe Tesla could survive a severe recession?

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