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U.S. Stock Market SELLOFF One of the BIGGEST IN HISTORY! Wild Panic Like 2009!



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56 Thoughts to “U.S. Stock Market SELLOFF One of the BIGGEST IN HISTORY! Wild Panic Like 2009!”

  1. The Money GPS

    In your opinion, what kind of impact will interest rates have on the stock market?

    1. dexterdave54

      Thank you for your reporting, David. I have an opinion but I’ll just keep it to myself for right now. This next week should prove to be quite interesting, though.

    2. John Jones

      so is slavery and credit card mafia.

    3. A Manzella

      Canada, Emerging markets, Toronto real estate, a sea of red.

    4. Fox Shame

      The Money GPS 赶紧抛干净换现金。

    5. Ed Ca

      The Money GPS positive or higher highs!

  2. NeoMac

    666 is just a coincidence huh. 😑

    1. Real Truth & Uncovering Lies

      The “exact” number is not important. It’s what they are reporting and most news are going with the “666” on purpose! That is how they communicate with one another.


      illuminaughty Confirmed…


      Jeff W creepy pasta…

    4. Mario Z

      Mac – Highlights – Sports 666 dow is down.. 666 was the national deficit in Trumps 2017 year. 666 fifth avenue New York N.Y. is Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner owned building. How is that for a coincidence?

  3. Yanai Mas

    It’s healthy to have some corrections .

    1. The Money GPS


    2. Adam Sahr

      Healthy? Positive spin and wishful thinking…


      Yup… such hysterics…

    4. Fox Shame

      Yanai Mas 赶紧抛干净换现金。

  4. JMB

    Everything fell today. Like everything. It’s weird. Metals, crude, dollar, stocks, crypto, bonds. I don’t know where the money is going. Maybe still liquid?

    1. The mind of a Psychopath

      Smart money went to cash

    2. Y Yn

      all institutions are shorting the entire market.
      selling creates volume pressure.
      not enough buyers on the way up.
      cascade = all profit, while everyone else gets confuses and joins the drop train.

    3. Pill Box

      Joe Borror someone (elites) want to destroy all traditional forms of wealth so they can create a new currency they control totally. 100%


      Pill Box …and if you want to know how that plan works out for them, go ask the good people of Sarajevo…

  5. winging it tracy

    I guess, Janet has been too busy the last two days, to buy up the bonds She has been getting ready for her Going Away Party LOL . Mr. Powell will be taking over and can start buying up the bonds on Monday. He will become our New Rigger . printing money to buy bonds holding the market up , who else would buy bonds LOL “NO ONE” in their right mind .

  6. Joalan Pinto

    777>666, literally. Seals, trumpets, and bowls. Wait until Monday, N.O.L.Y.B.A.B.

    1. Art Chavez

      Joalan Pinto black monday??

    2. Pablo Pina

      Blue monday

  7. grE68

    Yes, now it gets interesting. Starting with Monday


      grE68 Agreed. I have a little pet working theory on how markets usually close up on Fridays because of “weekend exuberance.” I think we might see a Messy Monday…

  8. ace 1

    The markets will correct to fair value and it’s not going to be pretty

    1. Matt McCracken

      Yep. That’s the bottom line.

    2. Quebec Sucks

      good, its about time

    3. rvnmedic1968

      There is NO fair value in the “markets”, as all of them are manipulated and rigged for the Big Boys. PMs have no price discovery. Everything (except physical gold and silver) is paper traded by the riggers to set the price THEY want.

  9. coolermaster1979

    What happened to the plunge protection team!?

    1. Erwin Schmidt

      coolermaster1979 – Plunge Protection Team had purchased Bitcoin…….and then renamed Hold Onto Your Azz Team…………

    2. NibiruLives

      The Plunge Boys have cashed out and left the game.


      coolermaster1979 Rescue teams are trying to dig them out from under an avalanche of sell orders… just kidding (not really)

  10. Jonathan Mountfort

    Told you Feb 2018! – Just wait until you see the 20% drop in a day, global shockwaves, mortgage rates to the moon – and then economies going down the toilet. Debt has gone cancerous!

    1. NibiruLives

      Like Saturn, debt is eating it’s own.


      Jonathan Mountfort ya, this hysteria over a 2 1/2% decline is a little much. The fact it dropped on a Friday is of more concern. It might be a Messy Monday…

  11. Joanna Roberts

    Interesting you mention wild panic like 2009. because this year can be translated into 119 reversed 911. So they could be planning another false flag event dealing with the stock market which is scary !

  12. WatchMeWrench

    This is exciting… I hope it ignites like the dumpster fire it really is. Cheers!

  13. der_keks

    common… I haven’t finished stacking yet. It could have waited a few months.

    1. Fox Shame

      der_keks 赶紧抛干净换现金。

  14. steve w

    Don’t worry, the “Can’t let the 1% suffer a loss” team will pump it up. As to your question about interest rates, simple. Every recession we’ve had is preceded by rate hikes until the market can’t take it anymore, crash, then the Fed lowers the funds rate and it starts all over.

  15. BullRun 72

    Title is misleading..on a percentage basis this is nothing close to the largest drop.

  16. Dominic Graziano

    The bear is popping his head out!! Interesting times to come! Stay informed and be great!!

    1. The Money GPS


  17. Real Truth & Uncovering Lies

    “666” Ha, ha, ha! They are telling you who’s in charge!


      urduib Um, What? We’re all dissin’ on the illuminaughty and they work for the other guy…

    2. urduib

      SASBETA SQUADRON God is Satan. Only true evil can write such a evil and disgusting book as the Bible


      urduib Written by men and horribly plagiarized… there’s chunks that were lifted from the Rig Veda, Uphanishad, Zend Avesta, The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Code of Hammurabi among others and the words were twisted and changed as a way to exert social control in favour of the powerful… sure…
      Don’t get me started, if David finds a doctoral dissertation in his comments section, he’ll be pissed…

    4. urduib

      SASBETA SQUADRON Well yeah the Bible are composed by many different people. That is why it is the book in the world with most contradictions. And yes the Bible was made as to assert social control. In fact the Bible was 150% bigger to start with. But the passages that did not fit the narrative was cut. Also Jesus is 4 different men. It even says in the Bible one place that Jesus is Hercules 🙂 I just used the fact that Christians say the Bible is literally the word of God on paper. We know today it was written with evil intent by man to enslave humanity into stupidity.

      Fun fact 🙂 All the animals in the world back then can actually fit inside Noahs ark. They knew about less than 1000 animals at that time, and that is the basis of the coo coo for coco pops story about Noah


      urduib The story of the flood is an absolute truth. Aboriginal peoples from Australia to North America have the flood story in their legends. The Chinese, always magnificent recorders of history, do too. Their story is of the Mighty Wu, who built the mountains out of a spongy substance he found that enabled his people to climb to safety. He grabbed fistfulls of this substance at a time, fashioned mountains with it, and was rendered lame (his fingernails all fell out and his hands were destroyed) by his efforts. For his service to his people, he was named Emperor and sent off on vacation; it is recorded that he spent years living with the Winged People (Zoroastrians, perhaps?), the Naked People (who knows?) and the Blackfeet (North American nation whose lands ranged from Montana to Alberta).
      Cool, huh?

  18. dazhibernian

    They’ll somehow blame the Iranians for this and we’ll be at war with them.

    1. The Money GPS

      Wouldn’t surprise me!

    2. Fox Shame

      dazhibernian 赶紧抛干净换现金。

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