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China’s Stock Market Crash – Is It Time To Panic?


China's black monday: On Monday, Aug. 24, Chinese stocks took a tumble– and the international market felt it. Yet does that suggest it's time to stress?

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23 Thoughts to “China’s Stock Market Crash – Is It Time To Panic?”

  1. Mohan Thomas

    I take this video with a pinch of salt.

  2. Ikywt ootw

    One step closer.

  3. Đole

    Be calm, don’t panic and don’t, under any circumstance, take the red pill.

  4. Susan B

    the background music makes it almost impossible to understand the speaker….please, thimk of the hearing impaired and drop the backtrack noise

  5. Gaidex Viller

    Casino games who cares.

  6. Avaloner Kitty

    I have been panicking about this for years. The world as we know it is near at an end. Everyone should be doing what they can to prepare. There are economic problems all around the world, not just China and the problems that cause the last crash are far from fixed, indeed many of them are worse. Unlike then we are in an economic twilight zone of Quantitative easing and negative interests rates (or record low interests rates). Funny that China is being used as a scape goat for the corruption on Wall St, the banks/central banks, HFT’s, hedge funds, oligarchs etc of the west.

  7. Travel Japan

    0:31 to 0:41 this wouldn’t happen if Americans would:
        Manufacture & buy their own products!
                       “Buy American” -> Biggies Boxers made in the U.S.A.

  8. Larry Phischman


  9. papadoc711

    would’t now be the time to invest in stock?

    1. Mr. Nisse

      @papadoc711 No…the system is not just flawed…it’s rigged. You’re better off stuffing a mattress.

  10. Battleneter

    wow economics dumbed down to a whole new level

  11. Max

    Don’t listen to this kid she has no clue what she is talking about. There is much more to this and you people need to do your own research instead of listening to obvious uneducated people. DJIA could very well be at 5000 by 2017. This is the pre-crash of the crash, and this time the fed has run out of ideas to stop this from completely going off the rails. QE4 may work, but not the way it did before and not without major consequences. Party is over people.

    1. David Thompson

      +James D good point!

  12. Ballie Bunny

    1:29 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    This is not another financial crisis!
    The stock market is not the economy!
    You look like an expert!

  13. Mr. Nisse

    …(face-palm)…Since when has borrowing money to buy stocks ever been good for the economy in the long term? For that matter, when has borrowing money for _anything_ been good for the economy, in the long term?

  14. Kezuvha Saotome

    Assertive Aladdin: Abu this is no time to panic!            *Sees oil drop*                    Nervous Aladdin: START PANICING!

  15. Inderjit Singh

    Stock Marketing system: give me your money, i will increase the return for it and make you richer BUT it will require destruction of environment, endangering animals, violating human rights, pollution of water reservoirs. You in?

  16. Feras Al Hati

    Thx, Dina…that Monday was truly horrifying

  17. Din MS

    Shinto Abe pulled just 3 factories out of China and the whole Market goes on a tailspin. So much for a claimed being a ‘superpower’. If Abe were to pull more…. the whole country would break up into many pieces for sure.

    1. David Thompson

      +Din MS so do you think china scared? of course not! china’s domestic sales is more profitable than foreign sales

  18. arthur131313

    Not a true stock market. Chinese Stock Marxist Exchange.

  19. Paul Desca

    Added to luky boy playlist.

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