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54 Thoughts to “Stock Market PANIC and PLUNGE! Global Stocks Erase ALL 2018 Gains as Central Banks Tighten!”


    Thank you . I purchased your books and I am very grateful I came across you. You are a great service to many people around the world.

    1. The Money GPS

      Thank you for the support!

    2. Alexantros Tsirambidis


    3. Recession 2019-2020

      How are the books? Anything new?


      @Recession 2019-2020 . I learned a lot. He explained complex financial jargon into more easy to understand .

  2. scw2cool #WWG1WGA

    Red October. Been hearing about it for months.

    1. The Money GPS

      Here it is!

    2. Mike Peacock

      I’ve been hunting for this for ages……

  3. C. T.

    I came here for the truth

    1. The Money GPS

      Thank you.

    2. Gildardo Clemenst

      So he unveiled that for you!

    3. Sonix711

      ha – I came here for RUGPS – “Rainbows and Unicorns GPS” – all I found was the truth – very infomative, and educational, but no Rainbows and Unicorns… 🙁 … 🙂 !!! 🙂

  4. The Money GPS

    Do you think that stocks will be higher by January 1st 2019?

    1. Andy

      All depends on that central bank balance sheet right?
      For me, more than anything, that graph said it all. Companies will have to outperform any expectation to outstrip that QT.

    2. parkerbohnn

      What if it doesn’t? Then you’re looking at DOW 5,000 before you ever see DOW 30,000 which could be in the next century.

    3. Andy Maholick

      Since 1950, there have been 7 other years that were positive YTD going into October and saw the S&P 500 turn negative YTD during October. The good news is the final two months were higher 6 times and up 4.1% on average. Today the Dow is up about 30o. I’m sorry, you guys don’t like to hear good news!

    4. Mark Russell

      Stock market still has a long way to go UP before we see the big crash. We ain’t been in the mania phase yet have we.

    5. Andy Maholick

      Although the EPS and revenue for Amazon and Google were fairly good, the guidance for the future was not positive.  It is difficult to see how the market can rally without the participation from the FANG stocks.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the roller coaster heads down tomorrow.  The following is from Michael Wilson who has recently gotten it right.There is more pain in the pain trade ahead.  That is according to Michael Wilson, Morgan Stanley’s chief U.S. equity strategist, who said, during an interview on CNBC midday Thursday, that a current market rebound belies a market that is badly damaged and ready to sink further.Wilson describes current conditions as a “rolling bear market,” which began in February, and predicted that the S&P 500 index SPX, +1.86% could fall to between 2,450 and 2,500. That represents a roughly 8% to 10% drop from the broad-market benchmark’s current levels. “And we think we get there in four to eight weeks,” Wilson said.

  5. ∵¤◈§ãΐŋ†♣∀₦₲ξℜ◈¤∴

    You saw it coming man, you never let off

    1. Derek Krause

      You saw the system for what it is. A broken shell.

  6. Eric Perkins

    Correction will carry through until elections are over.  After that, market will melt-up for its final leg up in the 10 year bull market.  This time next year market will start correcting and will go into a bear market for at least 18-24 months.  Business cycle will have peaked and interest rates will ******the run.

    1. Jimmy b747

      great info you need to start your own utube channel thank you

    2. Bryan

      Seems plausible

  7. shawn schafer

    You are my go to guy. I like how you say the facts and dont speculate. Thanks

    1. The Money GPS

      Much appreciated.

  8. Israeli dairy farmer

    Thank you, David, for keeping us updated

    1. The Money GPS

      Appreciate you watching.

  9. milrtd91

    7 Shares of Amazon? You a Greggory Mannarino fan too? Hes a smart dude!

    1. The Money GPS

      It’s my second favorite line. It’s essentially saying that people holding small amounts of stock believe they’re cashing in on the trend generated by central banks.

    2. Dave Mello

      Mannarino Catches All The Games ! Well As Far As I Can See !?

    3. skyson b pei

      Aye mannarino gang

    4. milrtd91

      @The Money GPS That might be your line and not his, lol, I watch you two the most so I’m probably jumbling it up

    5. liyah1234321234

      It’s a lovely day~

  10. Bezo 816

    150K looks good under your name…keep up with bringing the truth!!!

    1. The Money GPS

      Thank you!

  11. Heather Swift

    QE is the Xanax of the financial system. These painful and abrupt withdrawals can only be mitigated with sporadic interventions which are the equivalent of a low dose Valium. In the long run, the fundamental problems will always be there and will require higher dosages of “medication.”

    1. The Money GPS


    2. Afghanistan Bananastand

      A little bit of succinylcholine will take care of the whole mess trust dr. Bob

    3. Future Boy

      Don’t do drugs

    4. Heather Swift

      Go tell that to the central banks, only there is no antidote for or recovery from a QE overdose.

  12. rage against the fascist machine

    greetings from Australia! Check this out Clarke & Dawe : Same special subject as everyone else.

  13. Allard Freichmann

    Take control of the central banks by law. And go back to the gold standard. Fight corruption. Democracy and justice for all.

  14. Ian Cassie

    sarcasim becomes you ,thanks for your continued straight shooting

  15. Joachim Peiper SS

    Again Congrats David on 150K , You EARNED IT 👍👍

    1. The Money GPS

      Thank you!

  16. Lucas Marin

    I’m beginning to feel self-conscious about my 7 shares of AMZN.

    1. The Money GPS

      Us with #7sharesofamazon don’t have to feel that way. We will soon be zillionaires.

  17. F.Sherlock

    Dave, this is the beginning of the bear market.
    I like bear!

    1. Afghanistan Bananastand

      Remember from The Big Lebowski sometimes you eat the bar sometimes the bar eats you

  18. skyson b pei

    Punch the CB and yell “world stock!”

  19. havikshorst120

    ALERT Deutsche bank down 5% 9:35 european time 24-10

    1. The Money GPS

      I will try to do a video about it.

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