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53 Thoughts to “Was the Stock Market Drop A WARNING of More PANIC To Come? Or Just Buy the Dip?”

  1. The Money GPS

    Was the drop a DEAD CAT BOUNCE? Or is this the right time to BUY THE DIP?

    1. prosperandbehealthy

      *Cat has 9 lives. Buy now to keep the kitty purring* 😀🐈😀

    2. Robert Vann

      The Money GPS
      If one had shorted the index at the top, one would be making good money. Sell the bounce on a major index with volume sufficient to liquidate one’s position for the next leg down.

    3. Nicholas Stabile

      Beautiful Deleveraging…Ray Dalio.

    4. vincent luder

      Looks like a massive bear trap to me. On the s&p at least. I’m betting on crypto and silver right now

    5. Matt

      All indicators point downward. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, and it’s in this market, then it’s dead like a duck too.

  2. Meisterbünzli

    Believe me that these big investors exactly know why they have propped up the market. A lot of retail investors had been short. That is why the smart money (money marker) started to trade in the opposite direction while spreading positive news about FED and the trade war.

  3. Paul

    Hold on tight. We’re in for another drop.


    Quanatative easing has sucked us dry. Don’t buy the dip. Prepare for the collapse.

  5. lowbloodprsure

    Get some sleep you going to miss the opening of the market tomorrow.

  6. mmgoicochea

    2 a.m. in Lima-Peru and I want the truth…

    1. liyah1234321234

      get rid of central banks and central governments- people who sit on their asses and screw everyone over

    2. corinth1121

      You can’t handle the truth! Go back to sleep!

  7. Thomas Husted

    On top of it a lot of economic numbers are not being released due to the government shut down.

    1. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

      Which begs the question is this the true reason Trump took ownership so willingly to close the country, if you look at the departments that are closed you really have to wonder. They are arguing over 1/10 of 1% of the US Budget and this is the reason they have shut down the Gov, but they can fund building 4 aircraft carriers simultaneously at $14 to $16 Billion each

    2. richardscathouse

      @50 Ducks In A Hot Tub Spot on


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    2. Crigglybits Rigby

      Highly informative and honest to boot..

    3. 李卓恩

      @INCOME FOR LIFE agreed !!

  9. Ken Semotiuk

    This is a great time for really stupid people to buy stocks and Bitcoin right now, before they go down in value!

    1. zamraii

      Hey mate! Just curious why are you comparing Stocks to Bitcoin? Imo, they are like polar opposites: Stocks are a bubble that is about to implode soon, Bitcoin’s bubble already imploded and in a year it has lost over 80% from ATH. So it is in the advanced stage of a bear market while Stocks haven’t yet even started the bear market, at least officially.

  10. Jeff Lovejoy

    The “most hated bull market in history” leads into the most hated bear market in history.

  11. Alan Zibelman

    The only stock I’ll be buying into is some chicken stock for my vegetable soup.

    1. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

      I make my own chicken stock from scratch, unlike the Fed makes FIAT currency out of thin air

    2. jocko john

      Mmmmmmmm……..chicken vegetable soup….. 🙂

  12. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

    You’re right Dave the comment section is full of professionals that know everything, your interpretation of the facts is completely wrong…
    The beauty about YT videos we can look back in 6 months and read their mistakes in the comments section.

    1. Matt Woodruff

      I’m no professional but I pulled all my money out of stocks because I just can’t tolerate such a high risk. My ‘Professional” IRA manager at Edward Jones fought me every step of the way. Was a very frustrating process

    2. Jeff Lovejoy

      Dave asks people what they think after he has made a post about what he thinks. So, what? Posting a comment now involves some kind of payback? What is this site? Some kind of financial Jim Jones Drink the Kool Aid Cult Thing? Either Dave wants comments or he doesn’t. Dave is the only one with the truth? He can always disable the comments section.

    3. SpektЪR

      You can use the YT comment section as an opposite indicator. 😀

    4. Bob Brawley

      @SpektЪR that is very true . I say orevaljng public opinion . Do the opposite. And moment section , forums and message boards are or is profound public opinion. And Madison Ave is well aware of that

  13. Mario cruz

    Quantitative easing is the method to manipulate the market to growth or down, and in this time sell carefully for not realize a panic, but the collapse is coming soon

  14. Troph2

    Rule 1: Don’t invest in anything with money you can’t afford to lose.

    1. Soberanis Fam

      That means most Americans can’t invest. Most are living paycheck to paycheck.
      Scared money doesn’t make money

    2. Troph2

      @Soberanis Fam Most americans live well outside their means. I didnt say dont invest i said dont invest you CANT AFFORD to lose. If mo0st of them just gave up their car payment they would have money to invest.

    3. Raymond Falls Sr.

      @Troph2 that did not make sense. Walk to work? GTFOOH!

    4. Ryan M

      Raymond Falls Sr. He means u don’t need a brand new Bmw when I work at Costco. U should live within your means and get an old used car that works so u can actually save ur money.

  15. Jacqueline Rogers

    I cannot believe that neither political party is talking the debt. It’s like their ashamed (and they should be). I took a simple accounting class and I learned that wealth is assets minus liabilities. With a national debt of 21T and climbing not to mention pensions, social security, student loans, subsidizing billionaires, etc in my opinion the US is broke so I don’t understand all this talk of stock market rallies, rallying around what; the overheated printing presses. No one said it better than Dire Straits “money for nothing”.

    1. Jeffrey Cheng


    2. Jeffrey Cheng


    3. Adam Delacy

      No dire straights said it best in Industrial disease.

    4. theboxseat

      Sorry, I have to finish off the Dire Straits Analogy Trifecta… The Chicks are certainly giving it away for free


    10:15 Looks exactly like the DOW. We haven’t seen that kind of rise since 1929

  17. Lifelong Reading

    “See the comment section.” – David Quintieri.

  18. 1988Allnatural

    The VIX is an instrument that is designed to go to zero with time decay. It must constantly be reverse split because of this.

  19. Vegan Phobic

    gymboree store closure 900 stores just heard on the radio in Seattle

    1. B H

      Retail closures are only a sign that people are buying on Amazon than brick and mortar….and they probably bought with the proceedes of their 7 shares of Amazon that David mocked them for buying at 1/4 the current share price a few years ago.

    2. Vegan Phobic

      B H
      I disagree but regardless that’s 900+ GONE.
      In a country where 80% of people are living pay check to pay check with all time high.

      Online purchasing from amazon is not destroying all these companies who also have online shops.
      It’s something else.
      Especially a clothing store where people prefer to try things on.

      I wonder if amazon is selling ford cars too because they’re cutting employment as well.

      Blame 1 click buy for the downfall of the retail sector.

    3. B H

      @Vegan Phobic The 900 are gone, but what’s the net drop in retail sales by the consumer? Oh, the % is up in the past decade? There’s your answer.

  20. Chris L

    I’m waiting for the real 50% crash. Just sitting in cash and working hard at work to build more.
    Warren buffet said “ you don’t make money when you buy or sell. You
    Make money when you wait.”

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