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3 Simple Steps To AVOID Panic Selling | Stock Market 101


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12 Thoughts to “3 Simple Steps To AVOID Panic Selling | Stock Market 101”

  1. M Ave

    See always learn something even something as simple as averaging up or down. He’s right don’t ever average down in a down trend. You only create a larger loss if the trend continues. Averaging up adds to your gains. I’ve “averaged down several times because of emotions never thinking of the effects. I was lucky because often there was a reversal but some times not. Early investor thanks for helping me realize something I should have realized lol

  2. Royce F

    Good video, Thanks Ricky!

  3. Brysoo

    Very helpful video! Your the man Rick πŸ‘πŸ½

  4. yohan Daniel

    Hey i want to get into trading and have been watching you’re videos and others too on trading stocks but i live in France and have work from mon-fri and i get back home usually around 5pm. Is that too late to get to trading at 5pm? or do i have to find a way to be able to trade earlier during the day?

    1. Alan Ochoa

      The NYSE is open 9:30am-4pm New York Time. France time zone is 5 hours ahead so its open 2:30pm-9pm your time. Its something like that so you should have plenty of time to trade.

    2. yohan Daniel

      thanks a lot man, but is it better to trade early when the market opens or does it not matter and it really depends on each stocks and how they do throughout the day?

  5. ClassicPhysique

    I bought gush at 22 and it’s still going up, any tips? I’m new lol

    1. X cen

      brayan de los santos lock in your profit

    2. TNLB

      Set your “stop loss” on an amount your happy with. Let say it is now $800,- profit for you (as an example) and it still goes up.. set a stoploss let say on $750 . You never have to worry again to leave your house without a profit. It is only possible when its up to set your stoploss a little underneath it. Thats the way i do. How higher it is up how further you can put your stoploss

  6. Joanne Vaccarella

    Please keep me posted on AZ HQ as I really want to learn trading but if reasonable might be able to come out to AZ
    and learn it.

  7. Deuce ha

    Exactly what I needed Ricky after you told me to watch more videos yesterday
    Thank you

  8. Oronia Blockchain

    Do you trade Crypto?

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