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Why You Shouldn’t Panic When The Stock Market Tumbles


Business Insider' senior editor and licensed monetary coordinator Lauren Lyons Cole discusses why you shouldn't panic when the Securities market begins to take a tumble..


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24 Thoughts to “Why You Shouldn’t Panic When The Stock Market Tumbles”

  1. Daniel de Poel

    Ayyyy that’s me

  2. Jorge Moya

    I don’t want to stay the course!!!! I’m loosing millions as I type! . Actually more like thousands… but you get the idea.

    1. gfy everyone

      Get out now.

  3. Leader Logic

    Thanks for mentioning the ’87 drop – I’m reading a Warren Buffett biography right now, and just got to the bit about ’87. Great to hear it being discussed in terms of current market events.

  4. Persona Nongrata

    *They’re just trying to downplay further panic sell offs.*

    1. Jonezx2020

      yeah pretty much. this is gonna be weird with social media and everything.

  5. Richard Evans

    Dollar cost averaging is the best way to go.

  6. Chris F

    Whenever someone uses the word ‘definitely’ in regards to stocks, I really want to sell.

  7. Neil Collins

    Thanks, Lauren Lyons Cole.

  8. Francisco Sanchez

    “no point in trying to time the market, you are not going to win, so just keep adding to your 401k!” complete bs!

    1. Francisco Sanchez

      geez i hope people are smarter than this by now.

  9. drmodestoesq

    My takeaway? Don’t panic. Just calmly sell all your stocks and buy in when it bottoms. My next comment will be on placidly buying shorts when the stock market plummets into the abyss.

  10. XAR

    This is just a minor correction, the recent job report was really good, US has added 200k jobs in January, this might lead to inflation which might lead to the increase in interest rate. Thus, a market correction has happened. Nothing to worry about, buy the dip.

    1. gfy everyone

      Hope your taking the piss Andre?

  11. Andrew Lm

    How are you better off staying in a falling market and riding it to the bottom than getting out high and buying back after the crash? It is going down, not much time left. Don’t be a fool

    1. Jamal Deemer

      Because no one knows when a dip is just a dip or the start of something bigger.

  12. aa7r aa7r

    stop sugarcoating!!! If the DOW , S&P & NASDAQ dropped by 40% tomorrow or in next 6 month this market will still be overvalued

  13. Michael Fisher

    buy Cryptos.

  14. gfy everyone

    Do the opposite to what they say.So,Get your money out NOW!!

  15. Dev ill Kin

    What a beautiful woman. She has to be right! 😀

  16. Brian

    When stocks tumble I just jump like a kangaroo then everything is all well.

  17. Beldar Conehead

    Useless recommendation!!! Retirees are screwed, the rethuglican tax cuts caused this and unbridled greed on Wall street will rob the next generations 401k’s that is the rethuglican legacy!

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