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Is It Time to Panic About the Stock Market? | Understanding Financial News


UNITED STATE supplies hit modification region in October. Is this time around to start stressing concerning the marketplaces and also the international economic climate? We take a well balanced sight in this short summary regarding the existing scenario with US equities and also the economic situation.

Market improvements short article (as stated in the video):.

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24 Thoughts to “Is It Time to Panic About the Stock Market? | Understanding Financial News”

  1. Mahad Sean

    Thanks mate

  2. Hi there!

    Why is the financial crisis bad, sorry for the dumb question

    1. Ravanger1

      less jobs + high inflation (look at greece 5 years ago)

    2. Preet Singh

      When the financial crisis happened, the recession was ‘fixed’ by lowering rates, and the government just borrowed more. It was what we call a mortgage crisis. However, once the mortgage crisis was bailed out, with borrowed money and lowered rates, it was only a matter of time before the debt caught up. Not only is the U.S government in more debt than they were during the GFC, but also, this time there are no rates to lower. The (likely) next financial crisis (2019-2021; I don’t know exactly when! But history shows us that this is currently one of the longest bull runs ever, and with the fundamental issues at play, it’s obviously only a matter of time), will be a sovereign debt crisis (U.S Government + Other Governments falling behind/ getting owned in debt. This will reflect on their currency which is not backed by gold/ silver like it was in the 1789-1800’s!)

  3. Jake Sexton

    Awesome video. Do you think the release of the UK’s pre-brexit budget will affect the markets?

  4. MX304

    Brazil’s new leadership should turn around their markets soon. Hopefully that will help prop up emerging market stocks.

  5. Dean Di Mola

    Lol even if we see “correction territory” in the US share market, there is a massive currency crisis with the dollar surging. The pound is falling off a cliff.

    Even if the market goes down, being in dollar assets is a better hedge than holding the ££!

    Where else you going to park your money right now?

    Governments are completely bankrupt and the bond market is just a joke with these poor yields, holding your cash in a bank is insane in the current environment. Emerging markets are a mess. The Euro, pound and yen are a joke.

    Where else can you park your money to earn a bit of fixed income?

  6. Sangue Blue

    I’m affraid that the ”buying the dip” is not going to work for a time. As you say, there are alot of geo-political issues at the moment that affects all of the markets. As a aspiring daytrader im trying my best not to be biased or have a strong conviction. Every morning before i start i have a plan but im prepared to move along with the markets and be prepared for 100p moves up and down so decision and timing is crucial. My father told me in these times traders are either going to learn alot and earn alot. But many more will fall and loose due to strong conviction. Focus is crucial, but now it is your heart and lungs. Also i want to say that the inspiration videos has helped me ALOT with the mentality. Love your work, keep it up!

  7. absoluttchamp

    Unless we have panic there will not be anything more than a correction. The hole premise for a crash is that no one expect it to happen. Too many does at the moment…

    1. ivan says hi

      Yeah but there is usually a reason for a crash, it’s not just random panic. We have always had political uncertainty but I think this dip was caused mostly by everyone expecting a crash for the past 3 or more years “any day now” and the slightly weaker corporate earnings projections might mean a bit of a slow down coming into next year, but in my opinion (for what it’s worth) there is just too much value in the market for a serious bull run or a recession. If the market does start tanking there are WAY too many people that will see it as an investment opportunity for there to be any permanent or significant overall dip.

  8. Mike Walker

    I wanted to buy some Tesla stock, but I think I’ll wait until the new year. If you get into anything I would keep my stops tight or small positions.

  9. Louwa

    Hi Nic. First of all great work you’re doing. Thank you so much. Just a question. How would a market crash influence the Forex Market? And would there be an influence?

  10. Daily XP

    i think for now.. let the market find its equilibrium price before we could start looking into a decision.. as its has been meddled extensively by external factors rather than market free will which it should be in the first place

  11. Mark Robinson

    We just had a correction in Feb, why would we have back to back correction so soon?

    1. Preet Singh

      Twice a year, people forget that there are corrections twice a year.

  12. Arun Khumar

    This may not be relevant but I don’t know how to reach out to you nick.. The inner circle mail list and the 4 part mini video series.. I got the first one and it said that the second lesson will be coming in a couple of days later but I didn’t get it until now..

  13. Nobert Stanel

    #GXC , #ILF, #VGK, moving down, monthly chart. #VOO as well. FAANG going down for the last 6 months 15% – 25% on avarage, except for AAPL. Any thoughts anyone ?

  14. ADD Dad

    After the November elections, the truth about the market direction will be clear… IMO we are seeing the reversal in the business cycle: layoffs (Verizon), and stock price decline.. What do you think?

  15. Ricardo Mattos

    The fact that we had 2 corrections this year alone would suggest to me that we’re not having a crash anytime soon. These 2 corrections have already pulled money from the markets and we’re playing now to recover. Why would it fall again? #BuyTheDip

  16. Trader Barry

    nice guy nick

  17. bmo shareholder apple shareholder

    It seems that the only job the stock market has is to torture people.

  18. Joel Doxtator

    It honestly feels like we are about to enter a war time economy. The rules will be re-written and new opportunities will arise as they always do.

  19. Taione Sikivou

    Damn i should have watched earlier to prep for Powell’s dovish speech. Cool short video..Love it!

  20. TRC DLM

    Everything have up Dan down. This is surely down side now

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