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Stock market drops in a major way – should we panic?


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27 Thoughts to “Stock market drops in a major way – should we panic?”

  1. Ajamu Ajani

    liquidation sale! Double up? Buy low and be happy!

  2. Erika Lewis

    Did you say the recession is going to be a problem for Trump? The recession is going to be a problem for black people!! when America has a cold black America has pneumonia.

  3. Pitch Marketing Agency

    Why panic? Buy more of the stocks you understand.

    1. Mark jackson

      sell everything this is the top

    2. Laura Walker

      Buy contra ETFs if you think it’s a top …

  4. Ingrid Tater

    Watching from Orlando


    Spending Less

  6. sam moore

    Charlotte by way of Louisville

  7. Karen Perry

    Good afternoon Dr.

  8. Karen Perry

    Glen Mills Pa

  9. Felicia Horne

    You threw a curve all the time. 😂😂😂

  10. Elzidoe

    Bout 2 go shopping for great deals in the market. Happy goodwill hunting 😎

    1. Tony Mosley

      Ha, I can’t find a bigger cart. 🙌

  11. The Don

    Time to buy stock

  12. Hao_93

    The stock market transfers money from those that are impatient to those that are patient. Investing is about time

  13. Gnome Chompsky

    Panic is never good. Awareness on the other hand …

  14. Brandon L

    The market is on life support. 80b + being pump into it each day

    1. Gnome Chompsky

      Repo market. Bigger story is that actively managed funds have been over taken by retail/index investors on a dollar basis. Which means that managed funds plan to acquire those funds for themselves. Precipitous drops are ahead.

  15. Prince Lahad

    Alternative investments outside the dollar is very important in these times.

    1. StayOnCodeTexas Texas

      Prince Lahad reAl talk

  16. Yolanda Roberson

    The recession is here. Blacks have jobs BUT they are low paying jobs with NO benefits

  17. CURRENCY365

    the dow will crash i have prepared my patreons to prosper and make wealth in the crash……we were up big monday to wed….fun times ahead

  18. Willie Crooks

    Yes the economy is headed for a recession

    1. Jamie Gurley

      Just like 2008…nobody said the word “recession” until 2yrs later. We’ve been in a recession for the past 2 1/2 years

  19. Kevin Duggins

    Continue as is have nothing to loose hopefully the drive of this economy moves forward the same.

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